Christmas 2016 is right around the corner. What is the best drone to buy for Christmas? Drones have been around for several years now and are an excellent hobby! With drones, newer doesn’t always mean better. Within this blog post, I will showcase drones at various price points. The DJI Phantom drone platform is arguably the best.  It is frequently updated and that often translates to being able to more affordably obtain the older drone models.  Within the links below, I have showcased the DJI Phantom drone models that I feel are still relevant at the time of posting this blog post.  There are older DJI Phantom models but I wouldn’t recommend purchasing them, as finding batteries and/or other components may be more challenging now.  I have also featured other drones that may be a “fun” option.  They don’t feature the video and/or photo capabilities of the DJI Phantom models but they are still fun!   Please share this blog post with your friends that may be shopping for drones too!

Entry-level DJI Phantom

Mid-level DJI Phantom

High-end DJI Phantom

Cutting-edge DJI Phantom

Newest DJI Drone Design

More Affordable Drone Options