FulGaz is a great app for simulated indoor cycling workouts. FulGaz can pair with a variety of exercise bikes like the Schwinn IC4, to provide a virtual cycling workout. The quality of the FulGaz videos is top-notch! It feels like riding a bicycle on the road! One cool thing is how the video clip speeds up and slows down, in response to how hard the cyclist is pedaling. Setting up FulGaz to use the first time was simple! It found my IC4 bike and I was able to AirPlay FulGaz from my iPhone to my smartTV for a full-screen cycling experience! One thing that disappointed me was the inability to pair my Apple Watch with FulGaz. Maybe Apple Watch functionality is something that FulGaz will add in the future, especially considering that Zwift and Peloton apps currently support Apple Watch. I found the heads-up display to be very easy to read and it included everything that I was looking for, except heart rate. For an indoor cyclist that seeks a life-like cycling experience, FulGaz is the best option that I’ve found on the market today. #FulGaz #IC4