FulGaz First Time Using Review

FulGaz is a great app for simulated indoor cycling workouts. FulGaz can pair with a variety of exercise bikes like the Schwinn IC4, to provide a virtual cycling workout. The quality of the FulGaz videos is top-notch! It feels like riding a bicycle on the road! One cool thing is how the video clip speeds

Best Shoes for Exercise Bike

If you're like me and prefer to not use clipless cycling shoes, the options may seem to be somewhat limited. I had a horrible bike wreck using clipless shoes and have been terrified of them ever since. With that said, these shoes are flat and make pedaling easy but DO NOT clip to the pedals!

Schwinn IC4

Available on Amazon.com - Schwinn IC4 Bike The Schwinn IC4 is quite possibly the best indoor exercise bike! Unlike the Peloton bike, the Schwinn IC4 is a lot less expensive but it is compatible with the Peloton app. In addition to the Peloton app, there are an abundance of excellent indoor cycling apps for the

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