Available on Amazon.comPlugable Performance NIX Video Game Capture Card 1080P 60FPS, USB C & USB 3.0 and HDMI Passthrough for Monitor – Compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS, OBS Streaming

The Plugable Performance NIX Video Game Capture Card is for a lot more than video games! Attach a high-end mirrorless camera like the one that I use, slap a high-end microphone on the camera and then plug it into your computer’s USB port. The Nix Capture Card looks like a webcam to the Mac or PC but the difference is that it’s using a high-end mirrorless camera with quality glass and professional audio vs. a cheap USB webcam with a plastic lens and poor-quality mic. This device has improved my quality for YouTube live streams by a few hundred percent and sense I have my microphone attached to my camera, I didn’t encounter any audio/video synch issues. This device also has an HDMI out, in case you want to connect a studio monitor. #NixCaptureCard #Plugable