How to Store Photos & Videos in iCloud

This is how to store videos and photos in iCloud. If you want to view the same photos on all of your Apple devices, this is the best way to do it. I use two Mac computers, iPhone and iPad. Since I'm setup this way, any photo or video within the Photos app appears on

Eyoyo 8 inch Small HDMI LCD Monitor Unboxing

The Eyoyo 8-inch monitor was the perfect choice for my use case! I was looking for a small monitor with an HDMI input to connect to my ATEM Mini Pro for YouTube livestreams. This works wonderfully! I can clearly view my ATEM Mini Pro's multi-view and also my desktop screen share, etc. from this small

Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod Kit Unboxing & Initial Impressions

The Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod Kit is excellent for anyone that needs a small tripod for their smartphone, that can also collapse and function as a vlogger grip. Manfrotto products have always been top-quality and this tripod is no exception! I use it in conjunction with my iPhone 12 Pro and it works perfectly! It

2021 iMac Keyboard & Touchpad vs. Previous Generation

This is the new 2021 iMac keyboard and touchpad. The keyboard has TouchID and both the keyboard and touchpad have been redesigned. Their color also matches the iMac! #iMac #AppleSilicon #M1 Available on - 2021 Apple iMac (24-inch, Apple M1 chip with 8‑core CPU and 8‑core GPU, 8GB RAM, 256GB) - Green

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2021 Apple iMac

The 2021 Apple iMac is incredible! It's powered by Apple M1 ("Apple Silicon") and grossly Trumps the performance of Intel-powered Macs, from my observations! From a design perspective, the new iMac is fantastic! It comes in a variety of colors (I purchased the purple iMac) and the keyboard, mouse/touchpad, charging cable and power cable all

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How to Monitor Linux Processes Using Top

This is how to monitor Linux processes using Top. Think of Top as the Windoze equivalent of Task Manager. Using Top is a great way to monitor Linux processes in real-time to identify any processes they may be consuming an unreasonable amount of resources. #Linux #Howto

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VIZIO 65-Inch V-Series 4K UHD LED HDR Smart TV Review

I was looking for an affordable 65-inch 4K TV and the Vizio V Series 65-Inch fit the bill perfectly! It has eARC and pairs perfectly with my Sonos Arc soundbar! The color is excellent and it was easy to wall-mount! For the price and performance, it has exceeded my expectations! #Vizio #eARC Available on

How to Lock the Screen on a Mac Computer

This is how to lock a Mac computer. If you walk away from your Mac, it's likely always best to lock the Mac's screen. Within this video, I demonstrate how to lock the screen on an Apple computer. Don't feel bad if you're a Windoze convert that is used to pressing [ALT] [CTRL] [DEL].

How to Disable MySQL Bin Logs

MySQL bin logs can consume a lot of disk space. Many people like myself try to minimize the amount of disk space that is allocated to Linux servers to reduce cost. When MySQL logs start to build, disk space can be consumed quickly. Admittedly, one of my Ubuntu Linux MySQL servers was approaching 100% disk

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