String of Lights UFO That I Saw

Shortly before sunrise, I observed what appeared to be multiple UFOs flying in a straight-line formation. It was a sincerely creepy sight and a traditional aircraft that appeared to be following and monitoring the UFOs was disturbing as well. I attempted to video the UFOs with my smartphone but failed to capture the incident. After

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Echo Sub Unboxing

Echo Sub is an excellent way to complete an Echo Studio home theater setup. The bass is very impressive! Echo Sub can also be paired with a variety of other compatible Amazon Echo devices. #EchoSub Available on - Echo Sub - Powerful subwoofer for your Echo - requires compatible Echo device

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How to Setup Echo Studio Home Theater

This is how to configure Echo Studio for a home theater. Echo Studio home theater setup is actually simple, after setting it up for the first time. Within this tutorial, I explain how I setup two Echo Studios and one Echo Sub as a home theater for my Fire Stick 4K. Enjoy and share with

Echo Studio Unboxing

Echo Studio is more than "just another Echo." Echo Studio is the largest Amazon Echo to date and can be paired with another Echo Studio and Echo Sub to create an incredible home theater setup! I use two Echo Studios paired with an Echo Sub and Fire Stick 4K and the audio is incredible! Echo

Toshiba Fire TV Edition Review

Fire TVs are great! They have Amazon Fire TV built-in, so there is no need for an HDMI Fire Stick 4K. I decided to purchase one of the smallest Toshiba Fire TV Edition 4K TVs and it has been a great experience! I love how the user interface and control is almost identical to the

Final Cut Pro X Corrupt Library File Video Recovery Tutorial

This is how to retrieve video from a corrupt Final Cut Pro X library file. I've encountered a few situations where Final Cut Pro X would crash and then the Final Cut Pro X library file would not open. Fortunately, I was able to recover video clips from the Final Cut Pro X library by

My Video Editing Equipment

I've operated IrixGuy's Adventure Channel for many years and have learned a lot throughout the journey. In 2019, this is the video editing equipment that I use. Since I require both portability and performance, this is how I can achieve optimal editing performance while in the studio but can also disconnect and have powerful editing

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Blue Yeti Blackout Edition Unboxing

The Blue Yeti is an INCREDIBLE mic! It has multiple audio settings, a mute button and the thing is built like a tank! One might think that this mic was made in the 1950s because it's made of metal and the build quality is exceptional. Once plugged in, the audio quality will blow your mind!

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How to Up-convert Mavic mini Footage to 4K

The Mavic mini is an incredible drone! It handles well and can capture incredibly smooth video! With that said, the current Mavic mini firmware version only allows the Mavic mini's video to top out at 2.7K. Within this video, I explain how to up-convert Mavic mini's video to 4K. Please note that the Mavic mini's