I was on the fence about purchasing Oculus Go. Virtual Reality (“VR”), has been a forward-looking technology that has been executed poorly throughout the past few years. Now that computers and graphics have evolved, the technology for a true VR experience now exists. I knew that Oculus Go was excellent when I had to convince myself that it wasn’t real to not freak out!

Oculus Go is definitely the “real deal” and what makes Oculus Go so great is the price and the fact that it’s a stand-alone system. A smartphone is required for the initial Oculus Go setup and after that, the Oculus Go goggles and controller is all that’s needed. Older and more expensive VR systems require being tethered to a computer that contain a high-end graphics card. On top of that, those systems require wall sensors to be installed. Oculus Go us simply grab, go and enjoy! Recharging Oculus Go is simple. Simply plug in a microUSB cable to recharge the goggles. The controller uses a single AA battery and after one day of use, the controller still reports “100%” battery life remaining. Although it’s not necessary, it would have been nice if they had included a rechargeable battery within the controller for recharging via USB too.

Depending upon one’s personal preference, the Oculus Go is well worth the purchase as a media consumption device alone. Watch Netflix and videos within virtual environments is amazing! It’s like having your own theatre with a large screen and exceptional audio quality. The speakers built into the Oculus Go are incredible and provide a surround sound experience like I’ve never experienced from even the most complex surround sound systems. The sound immerses one within movies, videos and games equally-well! Games are incredible as well and don’t feel like a diluted “smartphone gaming experience” like I falsely assumed that they may be. The graphics, sound effects and complete immersion within the virtual environment is incredible! I top of this, Oculus Go has social apps and a virtual home which is completely cool to customizer and enjoy!

If you’re on the fence about Oculus Go and can afford it, definitely pick it up! I’ve included a link below where you can find both Oculus Go versions online. I purchased the smallest capacity version. It has been more than enough for me but if you plan to load your Oculus Go with a ton of content and not delete old content periodically, the larger capacity Oculus Go version may be best for you.