Flooding in The Shoals 02-23-2019

This is record-breaking flooding for The Shoals. McFarland Park is flooded and the river is almost touching the belly of the old railroad bridge! #Flooding

When is DJI Phantom 5 Going to Release?

Mavic 2 Pro is arguably the best drone that DJI has released to date but what happened to the DJI Phantom series? DJI Phantom was the drone that sparked the drone hobby. With that said, DJI's engineers have brought us the much smaller and much more capable DJI Mavic 2 Pro. Has DJI discontinued their

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Merry Christmas from Sean Coonery & IrixGuy

Merry Christmas from Sean Coonery and IrixGuy!  Please Like, Subscribe and Share IrixGuy's Adventure Channel with others too!  2019 and beyond is going to be full of excitement!  #MerryChristmas

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DJI Go App Changes Focus Procedure for Mavic 2 Pro Users

Whether intentional or by mistake, the latest DJI Go App version at the time of posting this has changed the way that Mavic 2 Pro users manually focus. In the past, clicking the infinity symbol would produce what is arguably perfect focus. It's the best video quality that I've experienced from any drone to date

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Why was Mavic Pro 2 Launch Delayed?

Why was the Mavic Pro 2's launch delayed? There are many theories surrounding this but whatever the case may be, I'm super excited to see Mavic Pro 2 at the end of August! Hopefully it will not disappoint and will be priced affordably. #MavicPro2

My goal to surpass 100,000 subscribers this year

Help IrixGuy meet and exceed 100,000 subscribers this year!  Subscribe to http://youtube.com/IrixGuy and encourage everyone that you know to do the same too!

YouTube Monetization Removed Thoughts

YouTube has removed monetization from an abundance of channels. It has inevitably created an uproar among YouTube content creators. Are the new YouTube monetization requirements really a bad thing or is it actually a positive for YouTube Partners? Please share your comments below. #YouTube