Why was Mavic Pro 2 Launch Delayed?

Why was the Mavic Pro 2's launch delayed? There are many theories surrounding this but whatever the case may be, I'm super excited to see Mavic Pro 2 at the end of August! Hopefully it will not disappoint and will be priced affordably. #MavicPro2

My goal to surpass 100,000 subscribers this year

Help IrixGuy meet and exceed 100,000 subscribers this year!  Subscribe to http://youtube.com/IrixGuy and encourage everyone that you know to do the same too!

YouTube Monetization Removed Thoughts

YouTube has removed monetization from an abundance of channels. It has inevitably created an uproar among YouTube content creators. Are the new YouTube monetization requirements really a bad thing or is it actually a positive for YouTube Partners? Please share your comments below. #YouTube

Sean Coonery Reads Books?

Sean Coonery is arguably the most famous cat in the universe. Is he the most intelligent cat in the universe too? Aside from sleeping almost 24 hours daily, Sean Coonery has adopted the hobby of reading books. Why is Sean Coonery doing this? He already talks but apparently he wants to expand his purrsonal vocabulary

DJI Launch Event 01-23-18 Predictions

DJI is hosting a new drone launch event entitled "Adventure Unfolds" on 01/23/2018.  Will they release the DJI Mavic Pro 2, DJI Phantom 5 and/or something completely new?  Could it be a foldable drone with a 4K60 camera that fits between the Mavic Pro and Spark in size and weight?  Could DJI be releasing

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What’s Coming in 2018?

2018 is going to be one of the best years yet for IrixGuy's Adventure Channel! New VR cameras, new drones, new travel destinations and more will be the focal point of the channel's content for 2018! I can't wait and please subscribe and share with others too!

38 Million Video Views – THANK YOU!!!

Thanks for 38 million YouTube video views! I appreciate your subscriptions, likes and sharing with others! I'm an independent channel, so everyone that you share my channel with helps me to continue to grow! Stay tuned for 100 million video views and beyond! #YouTube #38M