2024 Presidential Debate Opinions

The 2024 Presidential Debate sparked many conversations. Trump vs. Biden is always exciting! Within this video, I share my unfiltered 2024 Presidential Debate opinions. Many viewers of the Presidential Debate focus upon the wrong things. Within this video, I decipher the 2024 Presidential Debate in words that are easy to understand! I hope that you

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IrixGuy’s Studio 2.0 Construction Update

The new IrixGuy's Adventure Channel studio is being built! This is the construction progress so far. It will be a much larger space, so the Chroma Key ("green screen") effects will be much more convincing. It is wired with CAT8 network cable and will feature a 1.2GBPS Internet connection. Lighting will all be LED. I

What I’m Eating While Quarantined

Being quarantined creates challenges, especially for people that love to cook and are accustomed to ingredients being plentiful. I saw the worst coming and froze some quality meats and vegetables. However, those supplies will only last so long. I treat myself to "good meals" periodically but survive off of still-plentiful snacks and canned goods. #Quarantine

Why EVERYONE Should Self-Quarantine

Few people embrace change. Our current crisis is something unlike we've ever experienced. Throw politics aside and focus upon the health of others and yourself. Failure to self-quarantine will only extend these unpleasant times. The only way to expedite resolution of this is for EVERYONE to stay at home, not interact with others outside of

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How Coronavirus Spreads Demonstration

This is a visual example of how the Coronavirus spreads! This video contains zero political spin and focuses upon visually demonstrating the spread of the Coronavirus only. Enjoy, share and KEEP SOCIAL DISTANCING!!!! Self-quarantine is the only thing that can inoculate Coronavirus quickly and well must all participate to make that happen! #Coronavirus #COVID19

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2020 Studio Upgrades UPDATE

2020 is passing by quickly and IrixGuy's Adventure Channel's studio renovations are in progress! My goal is to create one of the most professional YouTube production studios in the universe on a budget! Thank you for your continued support and please subscribe and share. Also, please feel free to support me on Patreon too! I'm

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String of Lights UFO That I Saw

Shortly before sunrise, I observed what appeared to be multiple UFOs flying in a straight-line formation. It was a sincerely creepy sight and a traditional aircraft that appeared to be following and monitoring the UFOs was disturbing as well. I attempted to video the UFOs with my smartphone but failed to capture the incident. After

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Mavic mini Arriving THIS Week!

The Mavic mini is a small and lightweight drone that brings a lot of newness to the playing field! It's easy to pack and transport along with other gear. It's USB-rechargeable! It's manufactured with the attention to detail that has made DJI famous!

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