Why So Many People Are Fat

A large percentage of people nowadays are fat. Many people assume that going to the gym and eating "healthy food" is the solution. Although that is somewhat true, it's not completely true. Due to creative marketing, food badged "healthy" is likely the opposite. I encourage everyone to watch Fed Up. It provides a great jump-start,

Why Facebook’s End is Near

This is why Facebook is doomed! Initially, Facebook was an awesome concept! It enabled classmates to connect with one another. Shortly thereafter, Facebook was opened for everyone and the problems began. People abused Facebook and Facebook had to incorporate tools to "address" the perception problem. Those tools have now destroyed Facebook. My website https://IrixGuy.com for

Epic Drone Show – Episode 57

Welcome to another episode of Epic Drone Show!  All previously-recorded episodes can be watched and shared here.  Please be sure to subscribe to IrixGuy's Adventure Channel, to watch and comment LIVE!    

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47 Million Video Views – THANK YOU!

Thank you for 47 million video views. I'm an independent YouTuber and you're views, comments and subscriptions help! I appreciate your support and look forward to achieving the next mini-milestone of 100 million video views and beyond. Please also consider support my channel via Patreon and/or shopping for all of your drone and/or electronics needs

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Why DJI Phantom was Discontinued

The DJI Phantom series has been discontinued. DJI Phantom was arguably the drone that started the drone obsession for thousands of people. As drone technology continued to evolve, the DJI Phantom became obsolete. At the time of posting this video, the Mavic 2 Pro is the best drone on the market today. What are your

DJI Waterproof Drone May, 15th?

DJI's next launch event is 05/15/2019. Will DJI release a waterproof drone then? I'm a long-term DJI fan and feel that a waterproof drone and a drone with a 360-degree camera are two items that are missing from DJI's current drone line-up. What do you think that DJI will release on May, 15th and why

Flooding in The Shoals 02-23-2019

This is record-breaking flooding for The Shoals. McFarland Park is flooded and the river is almost touching the belly of the old railroad bridge! #Flooding

When is DJI Phantom 5 Going to Release?

Mavic 2 Pro is arguably the best drone that DJI has released to date but what happened to the DJI Phantom series? DJI Phantom was the drone that sparked the drone hobby. With that said, DJI's engineers have brought us the much smaller and much more capable DJI Mavic 2 Pro. Has DJI discontinued their

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Merry Christmas from Sean Coonery & IrixGuy

Merry Christmas from Sean Coonery and IrixGuy!  Please Like, Subscribe and Share IrixGuy's Adventure Channel with others too!  2019 and beyond is going to be full of excitement!  #MerryChristmas

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