2020 Studio Upgrades UPDATE

2020 is passing by quickly and IrixGuy's Adventure Channel's studio renovations are in progress! My goal is to create one of the most professional YouTube production studios in the universe on a budget! Thank you for your continued support and please subscribe and share. Also, please feel free to support me on Patreon too! I'm

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47 Million Video Views – THANK YOU!

Thank you for 47 million video views. I'm an independent YouTuber and you're views, comments and subscriptions help! I appreciate your support and look forward to achieving the next mini-milestone of 100 million video views and beyond. Please also consider support my channel via Patreon and/or shopping for all of your drone and/or electronics needs

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My goal to surpass 100,000 subscribers this year

Help IrixGuy meet and exceed 100,000 subscribers this year!  Subscribe to http://youtube.com/IrixGuy and encourage everyone that you know to do the same too!

YouTube Monetization Removed Thoughts

YouTube has removed monetization from an abundance of channels. It has inevitably created an uproar among YouTube content creators. Are the new YouTube monetization requirements really a bad thing or is it actually a positive for YouTube Partners? Please share your comments below. #YouTube

How to Create a YouTube Thumbnail Image

This is how to create a thumbnail for a YouTube video. I'm demonstrating using the Pixelmator application but other photo editing applications may worked well too. When I create a video thumbnail, I always choose a photo that is visually pleasing and relevant. I almost always incorporate bold text. The only exceptions are when the

38 Million Video Views – THANK YOU!!!

Thanks for 38 million YouTube video views! I appreciate your subscriptions, likes and sharing with others! I'm an independent channel, so everyone that you share my channel with helps me to continue to grow! Stay tuned for 100 million video views and beyond! #YouTube #38M

YouTube MCN vs. Independent YouTuber

Is is best to be an independent YouTuber or join a multi-channel network? Multi-channel networks ("MCNs") can provide value but they may also take away creative control. I'm an independent YouTuber and will always remain independent. My prefer to be in direct control of all aspects of my YouTube channel. #MCN

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Thanks for 35 Million Video Views

Thank you for 35 million YouTube video views! IrixGuy's Adventure Channel could not do it without your support. Thanks for watching, liking sharing and helping to enable the channel to continue to grow!

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