This is how to install a tankless water heater affordably. Installing a tankless water heater doesn’t have to be expensive but but unfortunately most “turn-key” tankless water heater installers mark up the tankless water heater, tack on potentially unnecessary equipment and in turn tack on more billable labor hours. Within this video, I explain in-depth how I was able to purchase my tankless water heater affordably and install my tankless water heater affordably. This video was the product of several weeks of research that I performed. Topics addressed within this video are:

– How to determine the best location for tankless water heater installation
– How to size a tankless water heater for your home. This takes into account the quantity of faucets and showers plus a worst-case scenario where the maximum simultaneous are in use with hot water.
– Where to buy the tankless water heater and tankless water battery backup yourself.
– What due diligence you should perform yourself before contacting an installer to provide a free installation quote.
– Things to do when the free installation quote is obtained to attempt to obtain the best tankless water heater installation cost possible.
– Topics to avoid while communicating with a tankless water heater installation person.
– Things to do before scheduling a tankless water heater installation.
– Things to do on the day of scheduled tankless water heater installation.
– Things to check after the tankless water heater installer claims that the tankless water heater installation is complete.

These same techniques can be applied for someone that has an existing tank water heater and wants to upgrade to a tankless water heater affordably. #TanklessWaterHeater #Howto

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