macOS Trash Can Won’t Empty Fix

This is how I deleted a file from a Mac's trash can that would not delete. The file was a Final Cut Pro X library file that was saved on an external hard drive. Whenever the external hard drive was connected, the file would appear within the Mac's trash can and would not delete. When

All Peaches Ruined – What is causing this?

All of my peaches are ruined! Tiny holes started to appear early on and then stuff that looked like super glue started to ooze out. Do you have any idea what is ruining all of my peaches and how to treat my peach trees to prevent this from happening again next season? Thank you! #peaches

How to Take a Screenshot with iPhone XR

This is how to snap a screenshot with the iPhone XR. This procedure is quite different than the screenshot procedure for older iPhone models. #iPhoneXR #iPhone

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How to Stay Clean While Backpacking

This is how I stay clean while backpacking. Deodorants, toothpaste, etc. can attract bears and other wildlife. After setting up my campsite and fire, I bathe in the stream and then coat myself in campfire smoke to mask body odor. This may seem silly but it works! Please subscribe, share and check out my other

macOS Disk Utility Scheme Missing Fix

This is how to fix "scheme" not appearing within Disk Utility. To configure scheme within Disk Utility to format an external SSD for Windows 10, this is what I had to do to make the scheme option appear within Disk Utility. I hope that this video fixes your Disk Utility scheme option not showing too!

Osmo Pocket Videos Won’t Import Fix

The Osmo Pocket is first-in-breed. It features mechanically-stabilized video via a gimbal and an optional waterproof housing enables it to function underwater. I've been a long-time GoPro user since GoPro HERO2 but Osmo Pocket can be a game-changer! Osmo Pocket is small, lightweight and can record up to 4K60 video! It has an integrated screen

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Eliminating Cable TV or Satellite TV

Cable TV or satellite TV are arguably a waste of money. Most television service providers "lock in" customers with ridiculous contracts and the subscription cost tends to slowly creep up. This is what I learned, while researching how to cancel my satellite television service.

Sony a7iii Firmware Update Fix macOS Mojave

This is how to update Sony a7iii to firmware version 2.0 using macOS Mojave. When I tried to launch the Sony a7iii firmware update within macOS Mojave the app crashed. This is the fix for Sony a7iii firmware updater not working within macOS Mojave. #a7iii #howto Sony a7iii Firmware Download Link - The Sony

Trying to Find Mavic 2 Pro Perfect Focus

The Mavic 2 is available in two versions. Mavic 2 Pro features a Hasselblad camera and Mavic 2 Zoom features a zoom camera. Both drones have their unique use cases but I prefer the Mavic 2 Pro, due to the awesome Hasselblad camera with one-inch sensor. #Mavic2Pro #Mavic2