How to Mount eero to Wall or Ceiling

This is how to mount an eero to a wall or ceiling. amazon eero in my opinion is the best wireless mesh solution. Mounting an eero gives the eero installation a clean and out-of-the-way look! I have hard-wired all of my eero devices, so that they connect to my eero gateway via CAT8 cable. This

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The Proper Way to Pull a Butt

The is how to pull a pork butt the proper way. Although it may appear to be simple, there are many things to consider before pulling a butt! First of all, a properly-smoked butt must be available. That butt must have rested for around 30 minutes or so before attempting to pull. There are many

How to Install Synology NAS Hard Drive

This is how to install a hard drive in a Synology NAS. Within this video, I demonstrate how to install a second hard drive within a Synology NAS and then configure it. For my Synology NAS configuration, I used Just a Bunch of Disks ("JBOD") so that I could combine two drives for twice the

How to Configure Time Machine Backups to Include USB Hard Drives

This is how to configure Time Machine to include USB hard drives as part of the Time Machine backups. By default, Time Machine typically adds any hard drives that are connected to a Mac as "excluded." This means that by default, a USB hard drive's data is likely not being backed up by Time Machine.

How to Eliminate Cloud Storage Subscriptions

Cloud storage may seem to be the most convenient storage option but it can become extremely expensive very quickly. Most cloud storage providers increase subscription cost annually. Also, many have data storage limits and after reaching a certain file size, monthly subscription cost will likely increase. Moreover, cloud storage requires an Internet connection to send

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The Cleanest PS5 Slim Behind-TV Installation

One of the biggest value adds that PS5 Slim brings to the table is the smaller form-factor. Since I own the PS5 Slim and have upgraded its internal storage, I have placed my PS5 Slim behind my TV. No wires are visible and I power it on and off, by using the PS5's controller. Since

How to Install PS5 Slim Storage – PS5 Slim M.2 SSD Installation Procedure

This is how to increase PS5 Slim's storage. Within this video, I explain step-by-step how to install an M.2 SSD in PS5 Slim. After installing NVME storage in PS5 Slim, there is a lot more space available for storing games. M.2 cards are available in different sizes but I installed a 2TB M.2 card in

How to Move All Files & Applications to New Mac Computer

This is how to transfer all files and all applications to a new Mac computer. If you've purchased a new Mac computer, copying all files and applications from the old Mac to the new Mac is a seamless process. Within this video, I explained step-by-step how I upgrade from my older MacBook Air M2 to

How to Unlock a GE Dishwasher

This is how to unlock a GE dishwasher. You may have thought that your GE dishwasher was broken but it likely just needs to be unlocked. Within this video, I explain how to unlock a GE dishwasher. I also demonstrate how to lock a GE dishwasher. I hope that this video helped and please subscribe

Bear Country – The Only Things Allowed in My Tent

Backpacking in bear country can be dangerous if certain safety protocols are not firmly adhered to. Black bears are typically less aggressive than grizzly bears but if they smell food, they will likely try to find it. For that reason, always use backcountry bear pulley systems to suspend all of your scented items (chewing gum,

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