Air Fry with IrixGuy – How to Air Fry Mozzarella Sticks

This is how to air fry cheese sticks. I've included links to the air fryer that I use below. Enjoy and be sure to subscribe to IrixGuy's Adventure Channel on YouTube and enjoy all of my air fryer recipe videos!

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macOS Trash Can Won’t Empty Fix

This is how I deleted a file from a Mac's trash can that would not delete. The file was a Final Cut Pro X library file that was saved on an external hard drive. Whenever the external hard drive was connected, the file would appear within the Mac's trash can and would not delete. When

All Peaches Ruined – What is causing this?

All of my peaches are ruined! Tiny holes started to appear early on and then stuff that looked like super glue started to ooze out. Do you have any idea what is ruining all of my peaches and how to treat my peach trees to prevent this from happening again next season? Thank you! #peaches

Duck Brand Standard Tape Gun with Foam Handle – How to Load Tape

This is how to load tape into the Duck Brand Standard Tape Gun. Loading tape into a tape gun may seem difficult at first but it's actually simple. Within this video, I demonstrate how to load this tape gun. Enjoy and share. You can find the tape gun and tape that I'm using below:

How to Remove Osmo Action Filter

This is how to remove a stuck Osmo Action lens filter. The first time that I attempted to remove my Osmo Action's filter, I couldn't! I had to become creative and identify a solution for removing the Osmo Action's lens filter that should scratch of damage the lens filter or the camera. This is how

Advice for Starting a YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel does not have to be difficult. I started my YouTube my channel by mistake and have achieved over 47 million video views so far. This are my "pro tips," for aspiring YouTubers. Please subscribe, share and post your comments and questions below! Best of luck with your YouTube pursuits! #YouTube

How to Chill Drinks While Backpacking

This is how to chill drinks while backpacking. Streams are usually a lot cooler than the surrounding air and provide a natural way of making a beverage colder. #Backpacking #Howto

How to Spot a Fake Rolex

Rolex is arguably the most famous watch. This is how to spot a fake Rolex. I'm demonstrating using a Submariner 114060. Older Rolex references often use different authentication mechanisms. Due to the popularity of Rolex watches, they are often counterfeited. To be safe, I suggest always buying from an authorized Rolex dealer. If buying a

How to Blur Backgrounds in Photographs

This is how to blur backgrounds in photographs. Blurred backgrounds, also commonly referred to as "bokeh" or "defocused background" is not difficult to accomplish but fixed focal length lenses ("prime lenses") typically create the most dissolved background. I hope that you enjoy this photography tutorial and please subscribe and check out my other photography tutorial

How to See Rolex Laser-Etched Crown

This is how to see the Rolex laser-etched crown on a Rolex watch. The Rolex LEC is located near the 6 o'clock position. The Rolex laser-etched crown is in the sapphire crystal itself and is one of the most difficult Rolex authenticity mechanisms to counterfeit. The Rolex laser-etched crown will likely not be visible in