This is how to livestream a church service affordably. There are an abundance of software and hardware solutions for streaming a church service live but this is how to stream a church service affordably. An ATEM Mini Pro is a must! It makes connecting up to four cameras easily doable. Alternatively, those four HDMI inputs could be used for connecting a computer, iPad, etc. The ATEM Mini Pro can stream directly to YouTube, Facebook, etc. so it makes things a lot easier to simply setup and stream live! Audio can be pulled from any of the four HDMI inputs and there are also two microphone inputs. Most functions can be performed using the physical buttons on the ATEM Mini Pro itself but connect a computer with ATEM Software Control installed to unlock even more functionality. Use the HDMI output on the ATEM Mini Pro to monitor your livestream using multi-view. Most any camcorder or camera that can export clean video out (no menus visible) should work and a variety of different camera models could be used. For the sake of saving money, I’d suggest trying any cameras that you may already own first. If you don’t already own a camera, I’ve linked a camcorder for consideration below. Please also keep in mind that your church may already be wired for audio. If so, you can likely connect that audio source to one of your ATEM Mini Pro’s microphone inputs. You can also use your camera’s audio and connect a professional microphone to your camera of desired. Alternatively, you can mute audio from your camera(s) and capture audio from another source. This is a very user-friendly and affordable solution!

Available on Amazon.comBlackmagic Design ATEM Mini Pro HDMI Live Stream Switcher
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