My YouTube Livestream Studio Setup – How to Create a Studio for YouTube

This is my current YouTube studio. I took lessons learned from IrixGuy's Adventure Channel Studio 1.0 and applied to IrixGuy's Adventure Channel Studio 2.0. This YouTube production studio enables me to create professional chroma key ("green screen") effects for videos and livestreams. Within this video, I explain all components that I used to create my

How to Livestream a Church Service

This is how to livestream a church service affordably. There are an abundance of software and hardware solutions for streaming a church service live but this is how to stream a church service affordably. An ATEM Mini Pro is a must! It makes connecting up to four cameras easily doable. Alternatively, those four HDMI inputs

ATEM Mini Pro Multiview Tour

This is a tour of multiview on the ATEM Mini Pro. Multiview provides a snapshot of all cameras on one screen. Multiview alone is justification to purchase the ATEM Mini Pro instead of the standard ATEM Mini. I added a splitter and view a mirror image of multiview on two displays. #ATEMMiniPro

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ATEM Mini Pro Studio Setup

The ATEM Mini Pro is a game-changer for YouTube Live streaming! With my previous live-streaming solution, I was only able to achieve 720P. With ATEM Mini Pro, I am able to achieve 1080P 60FPS! This is an incredible device and when using in conjunction with SmartTV, monitoring live stream health, audio levels and all cameras

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