How to Livestream a Church Service

This is how to livestream a church service affordably. There are an abundance of software and hardware solutions for streaming a church service live but this is how to stream a church service affordably. An ATEM Mini Pro is a must! It makes connecting up to four cameras easily doable. Alternatively, those four HDMI inputs

ATEM Mini Pro Multiview Tour

This is a tour of multiview on the ATEM Mini Pro. Multiview provides a snapshot of all cameras on one screen. Multiview alone is justification to purchase the ATEM Mini Pro instead of the standard ATEM Mini. I added a splitter and view a mirror image of multiview on two displays. #ATEMMiniPro

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ATEM Mini Pro Studio Setup

The ATEM Mini Pro is a game-changer for YouTube Live streaming! With my previous live-streaming solution, I was only able to achieve 720P. With ATEM Mini Pro, I am able to achieve 1080P 60FPS! This is an incredible device and when using in conjunction with SmartTV, monitoring live stream health, audio levels and all cameras

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