This is how to size a dehumidifier. Until I started shopping for a dehumidifier, I didn’t realize how hard it would be to find the correctly-sized dehumidifier for my basement. Many dehumidifier manufacturers advertise square footage, when pints per day is actually the key metric. Regardless of what a dehumidifier’s manufacturer states for square footage, if the dehumidifier cannot extract a sufficient amount of moisture per day then the dehumidifier is useless. When I purchased my first dehumidifier, I made the mistake of looking at the dehumidifier’s stated square footage only. I hope that my dehumidifier lessons learned help you to choose the correctly-sized dehumidifier for your space! Also, please note that if the dehumidifier does not include a drain home option then the dehumidifier’s bucket that collects water will have to be dumped periodically. Depending upon the amount of humidity and the size of the dehumidifier’s bucket, this could potentially be several times daily. If the bucket becomes full, the dehumidifier cannot continue to operate, even if the dehumidifier is correctly sized for the room. Take that into account when shopping for a dehumidifier because if you have access to a drain, using a dehumidifier with a drain hose will likely be the best option. It eliminates the need to have to manually dump a dehumidifier’s water bucket. #Dehumidifier #Humidity

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