This is the optimal green screen paint color and paint type. A green screen can actually be a variety of different green or blue colors but this paint color and paint type works best for green screens in my opinion. If you’re not familiar with how a green screen works, it provides a brightly-colored backdrop of consistent color that makes isolating the subject from the background effortless. The technical term for “green screen” is Chroma Key! #GreenScreen #ChromaKey

The paint that I use for my green screen is Sherwin-Williams STRAIGHTFORWARD GREEN. Be sure to purchase in flat latex. If you don’t get flat latex, the green screen effect will not work well. The goal is a non-glossy finish. Also, a green screen will not work well unless it is properly lit and there is enough distance between the subject and the green screen wall to not produce shadows. Subscribe and check out my separate video where I explain how to setup optimal green screen lighting.