My YouTube Livestream Studio Setup – How to Create a Studio for YouTube

This is my current YouTube studio. I took lessons learned from IrixGuy's Adventure Channel Studio 1.0 and applied to IrixGuy's Adventure Channel Studio 2.0. This YouTube production studio enables me to create professional chroma key ("green screen") effects for videos and livestreams. Within this video, I explain all components that I used to create my

Optimal Green Screen Paint Color

This is the optimal green screen paint color and paint type. A green screen can actually be a variety of different green or blue colors but this paint color and paint type works best for green screens in my opinion. If you're not familiar with how a green screen works, it provides a brightly-colored backdrop

How to Livestream to YouTube

This is how to livestream to YouTube. YouTube live streaming is a great way to better interact with one's audience. Aside from a high-speed Internet connection that is not congested with concurrent activity (family streaming Netflix, playing video games, downloading large files, etc.) below is the equipment that I use for my YouTube Live Shows (Epic

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