▶︎Cast-Iron Grill Grates – https://irixguy.com/CastIronGrillGrates ▶︎Weber Grill – https://irixguy.com/Weber22 ▶︎Air Fryer, Accessories & Recipes – https://irixguy.com/airfry This is how to cook the best chicken wings! For this preparation, I first baked my chicken wings at 250 degrees for thirty minutes in a wet marinade with fresh chopped garlic. That helped with tenderness and to penetrate the wings with incredible flavor! Next, I grilled the wings over hickory. Finally, I air-fried the wings to make the crispy! The end result was a perfect chicken wing! It had the texture of a traditionally-fried wing minus the grease! It also had an amazing hickory and garlic flavor that penetrated the meat! Tossing in sauce is completely optional. I tossed my wings in a ghost pepper sauce, prior to plating them. I served with grilled squash, baby carrots, celery and ranch dressing! #Wings #AirFry #ChefIrixGuy