How to Cook Burgers on a Griddle Pan Indoors

This is how to cook burgers in a griddle pan. When the weather is undesirable outside, this is an excellent and tasty way to cook burgers indoors. In fact, the burgers soak up more flavor when cooked this way. There is of course no hickory or charcoal flavor but you could toss in a little

How to Grill Excellent Burgers

This is how to grill excellent hamburgers! Enjoy and share! #Burgers #ChefIrixGuy

How to Make a Bacon & Tomato Sandwich

This is how to make a bacon and tomato sandwich. Making the perfect bacon and tomato sandwich starts with fresh tomatoes. Also, I strongly encourage using thick-cut bacon, as think bacon lacks the meatiness and texture. First, I peel a fresh tomato and then slice it. Next, I add butter or margarine to a skillet

Cast-Iron Grill Grates for My Weber Grill

Cast-iron grill grates are a major upgrade for a grill! These cast-iron grill grates fit my Weber grill and look and cook great! They create better sear marks than standard grill grates, are easy to clean and the middle part can be lifted out with a tool (it becomes hot), to replenish charcoal and/or hickory

Do You Pre-Bake Ribs?

Do you pre-bake your ribs? Many barbecue purists would frown upon the idea but this is why I always pre-bake my ribs, when I'm not cooking competitively. For starters, my ribs are able to marinate in the refrigerate overnight. When topped with soda, chopped onion, chopped garlic, sea salt and pepper, the flavors really penetrate

Oklahoma Joe’s Hickory Chips Review

Oklahoma Joe's hickory chips are fantastic! The chunks aren't too large to fit into most smoker boxes and they're not too slender, so that they fall out of the smoker box's air holes! Flavor is excellent! I use hickory when I grill steaks, ribs, pork chops and more! Great job, Oklahoma Joe! #OklahomaJoe #Hickory Available

Stainless Steel Wood Chip Smoker Box

This is a stainless steel smoker box. It can be loaded with hickory, apple, mesquite or other types of wood to give food phenomenal flavor while grilling! I place mine on top of the charcoal but some people may choose to place it on top of the grill's grates. It has holes on the top

Weber Original Kettle 22-Inch Charcoal Grill

It's hard to beat a classic! The Weber 22-inch kettle grill cook excellent food and is affordable! It has a handle on the front that can be pulled to dump ashes. The ash tray below can then be removed to dump the ashes. The 22-inch cooking area is more than plenty for most meals! Air

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Grilling the PERFECT Filet Mignon

Cooking the perfect filet mignon isn't that difficult! It starts with the perfect cut of meat! When I purchase filet mignon, I always do so from a quality butcher. I'm always careful to not use overpowering marinade. Doing so would cover up the incredible beef flavor. I always cook over hickory chips for maximum flavor

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