My Light for Grilling

I do a lot of grilling and don't always carry a flashlight. Sometimes I don't want to use my smartphone as a camera because my fingers are greasy. This LED light is perfect for grilling! It's super affordable and can recharge via USB. After I've finished grilling for the night, I simply bring the LED

How to Bake French Bread with Butter

This is how to bake French bread with butter. Adding butter to French bread and the baking takes French Bread to the next level! The outside of the bread is crispy and the inside is gooey and buttery! Baked French bread with butter makes an excellent side for spaghetti, lasagna, chili, salads and most anything

A Tasty Grilled Bread

Grilled food is the best food! Within this video, I explain how to make a simple and delicious grilled bread that complements other grilled items well! Enjoy, share, subscribe and check out all of my other grilling videos too! #ChefIrixGuy #Grilling #Bread

How to Add Charcoal to Grill with No Mess

This is how to add charcoal to a grill without getting dirty. Charcoal is messy and touching it with one's hands often results in time wasted at the sink with soap and water. Within this video, I demonstrate how I add charcoal to my grill without getting my hands dirty. Subscribe, share and check out

How to Make Pulled Pork Chili

This is how to make pulled pork chili. Prepare to devote 24 hours or so to smoke a pork butt first and then make pulled pork chili with the pulled pork! This is delicious but it requires patience. Alternatively, one could purchase pulled pork from a local BBQ restaurant and use that in the chili.

How to Make Chili – Cheap & Easy

This is how to make cheap and delicious chili. Canned chili is never great. This is a MAJOR step up from canned chili because of the premium ground beef. However, all ingredients that I use are super affordable. If you love homemade chili but don't want to deal with purchasing multiple ingredients and the expense,

How to Rub a Brisket

This is how to rub a brisket. A brisket rub does not have to be expensive or complicated. Using store-brand yellow mustard and a quality BBQ seasoning will work just fine! It's the low and slow cook combined with hickory or other wood that will give brisket its incredible flavor profile! #Brisket #ChefIrixGuy

Is an Electric Smoker with a Window Better?

Is an electric smoker with a window better? Electric smokers with a window are typically more expensive but are they better? What is the value add of having a window in an electric smoker? Should you purchase an electric smoker with a window or without a window? #ElectricSmoker

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker 10.3 Pound Pork Butt

The Masterbuilt digital electric smoker is a convenient and effective way to smoke meat and vegetables. Since it's an electric smoker, electricity maintains a consistent temperature without the need to add charcoal. Wood chips are added and replenished as needed, using the wood chip loader on the side of the Masterbuilt electric smoker. It's a

How to Pull a Pork Butt

Available on - Meat Claws Meat Shredder for BBQ - Perfectly Shredded Meat, These Are The Meat Claws You Need - Best Pulled Pork Shredder Claw x 2 For Barbecue, Smoker, Grill (Black) This is how to pull a pork butt! I smoked this 10.3 pound pork butt overnight and most of the next

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