How to Make Cocktail Sauce

This is how to make cocktail sauce! Store-bought cocktail sauce is often underwhelming and homemade cocktail sauce can be tweaked to satisfy your personal taste preferences. Core ingredients for cocktail sauce are worcestershire sauce, ketchup, horseradish, sea salt, fresh-ground pepper and lemon juice. Optionally hot sauce and/or wasabi can be added to amplify the spiciness.

How to Cook an Egg

This is how to cook an egg in a skillet. Knowing how to cook an egg is an essential breakfast skill. Within this video, I demonstrate how to crack an egg and then how to cook an egg. The trick is to not break the egg's yoke, when cracking the egg. Trick number two is

How to Bake a Potato

This is how to bake a potato. Baking a potato like a steakhouse does is not that difficult! Within this video, I explain how to bake an amazing baked potato by only using aluminum foil, olive oil, and sea salt! I typically bake a normal-sized potato at 400 degrees for about an hour. When I

How to Grill Hamburgers

This is how to grill hamburgers. Grilling hamburgers takes practice the first time but becomes easy after a few cooks. For starters, you'll likely want to buy pre-formed hamburgers from your grocery store's meat department. Those burgers will likely stick together better than burgers that you may form out of ground beef or ground chuck

DIY Ghost Pepper & Carolina Reaper Chips CHEAP

If you're like me, you love spicy potato chips but they're hard to find. The super spicy potato chips that can be found typically carry a "gourmet" premium. This is how to make your own spicy potato chips on the cheap! The secret is using the Ghost Pepper & Carolina Reaper seasoning like I use.

How to Cook Bacon

This is how to cook bacon! Cooking bacon is simple, if you know the proper steps. Many people burn bacon. This is how I cook perfect bacon perfectly without burning the bacon! #Bacon #Cooking

How to Cook Sausage Patties

This is how to cook sausage patties! Cooking sausage patties is simple and you can buy pre-formed sausage patties at the grocery store or buy a chub of sausage and cut your own sausage patties. I prefer to buy the pre-cut sausage patties because I can simply pull them out of the package and cook

Yukon Glory Grill ‘n’ Serve BBQ Basket Set

Available on - Yukon Glory Grill 'n' Serve BBQ Basket Set, Revolutionary Grill to Table Design, Includes 3 BBQ Baskets, Serving Tray + Universal Clip-on Handle. Patent Pending. The Yukon Glory Grill 'n' Serve BBQ Basket Set is a great accessory for anyone that loves the grill. The three baskets can be placed on

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Pit Boss Analog Electric Smoker

Available on - PIT BOSS 77220 2.2 Analog Smoker The Pit Boss electric smoker is awesome! The value add is that electricity creates a consistent and reliable smoking temperature, while wood chips add flavor to the meat and/or vegetables that are being smoked. Assembling the Pit Boss was an easy one-person project and the

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