Carolina Reaper Salsa Taste Test

Be sure to subscribe and watch my "How to Make Carolina Reaper Salsa Step-By-Step" video where I explain step-by-step how I made this salsa. The Carolina Reaper is one of the hottest peppers in the world and I used an entire Carolina Reaper pepper to make this salsa! The salsa is delicious but has an

How to Make Carolina Reaper Salsa Step-By-Step

This is how to make Carolina Reaper salsa. Homemade salsa is so much better than store-bought salsa because you're in direct control of the ingredients, spice level and flavor profile. The Carolina Reaper is one of the hottest peppers in the world, so this can be an extremely hot salsa, depending upon the size of

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First Time Using Meat Head Charcoal

Meat Head Charcoal is a craft lump charcoal! It comes from the South American quebracho wood. It's a long-lasting burn that imparts wonderful flavor within grilled meats and vegetables! #MeatHeadCharcoal #Quebracho #LumpCharcoal #ChefIrixGuy

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How to Clean an Electric Smoker

This is how to clean an electric smoker step-by-step. It's important to remove certain items from the electric smoker while they're still slightly warm to make cleaning more effortless. If your electric smoker has a window, DEFINITELY clean the inside of the electric smoker's window after the smoke and while the smoker is still slightly

Best Labor Day Foods to Grill or Smoke

These are some of the best foods to grill or smoke for Labor Day and/or other holidays and get-togethers. Many people try to make things too complicated but these grilled and smoked foods are some of my go-to favorites! Enjoy, share subscribe and check out all of my other cooking videos too! #Grilling #ElectricSmoker #LaborDay

How to Reheat Pulled Pork

This is how to reheat pulled pork. Reheating pulled pork using this method doesn't dry out the pork and it tastes as good as it did when it was first pulled! For moist and flavorful reheated pulled pork, this is the best way to do it. Alternatively, one could utilize a casserole dish and aluminum

Zucchini Yacht – How to Build a Zucchini Yacht

This is how to make zucchini yachts. To make a zucchini yacht, shop for the largest zucchini that you can find. You'll also need sausage, shredded cheese, onion, garlic and peppers. Within this video, I demonstrate step-by-step how to build a zucchini yacht. They're delicious! #ZucchiniYacht #Yacht #ChefIrixGuy #Yachties

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Review After Using Since August, 2022

The Masterbuilt digital electric smoker is a convenient and effective way to smoke meat and vegetables. Since it's an electric smoker, electricity maintains a consistent temperature without the need to add charcoal. Wood chips are added and replenished as needed, using the wood chip loader on the side of the Masterbuilt electric smoker. It's a

How to Pre-Bake Baby Back Ribs

This is how I prepare my baby-backs ribs to pre-bake: #1 Grease casserole dish with butter and add a layer of chopped onion and chopped garlic #2 Place the ribs on top #3 Sprinkle a 12-ounce can of cola all over the ribs #4 Top the ribs with chopped onions and chopped garlic #5 Top

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