The Razer Leviathan V2 X is essentially a soundbar for a computer. It contains integrated lights that can be customized via the Razer iOS App or Windows App. Also, the lights can be turned off if desired. Since I’m a Mac user, I was able to customize the Razer Leviathan V2 X’s lights using the iOS app. The process was intuitive and the lights look really neat on my desk. Pairing the Razer Leviathan V2 X with my Mac and iPhone was super simple! All that I had to do is hold the bluetooth button on the Leviathan for ~5 seconds and then I could pair with the speaker from my iPhone and also Mac. Volume controls work via bluetooth, so I was able to tuck the soundbar underneath my monitor and do not have to physically touch the speaker to adjust the volume. Audio quality is acceptable and the volume can be become extremely loud if desired. This is a powerful speaker, even without purchasing the more expensive version that includes a subwoofer. I would have liked a built-in microphone, so that the Leviathan could function as a speaker and microphone for video conference calls but this speaker more than gets the job done. Build quality is nice and it fits perfectly underneath my computer monitor. Alternatively, it can be connected to the computer using the included USB-C cable for power and audio. I opted to plug the USB-C cable into a USB-C power plug and use bluetooth, so that the soundbar does not consume one of my Mac’s USB-C ports. While connected via bluetooth, I was not able to observe audio lag while editing videos within Final Cut Pro X. Most bluetooth speakers do not work well with Final Cut Pro X but this speaker does. It may be because of the version of bluetooth that this speaker uses. If auto lag exists, it was tough for me to see. #Razer #LeviathanV2X