Speakman S 2251 ORB Signature Icon Anystream Review

The Speakman 2251 is a very large shower head from Speakman. The build quality is top-notch and and it features eight spray nozzles. There is a smaller Speakman shower head that looks similar but it has less nozzles. I've owned both and this shower head features better full-body coverage. If you're looking for a shower

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Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker Review After Many Smokes

Available on Amazon.com - Masterbuilt MB20071117 Digital Electric Smoker, 30", Black Available on Amazon.com - Meat Claws Meat Shredder for BBQ - Perfectly Shredded Meat, These Are The Meat Claws You Need - Best Pulled Pork Shredder Claw x 2 For Barbecue, Smoker, Grill (Black) The Masterbuilt digital electric smoker is a convenient and effective

Cubiker Dresser Review

The Cubiker dresser comes in a variety of different sizes. I purchased this Cubiker dresser because I wanted a dresser that would cover my power and network outlets and provide drawers for storage below. The Cubiker dresser would also be great for a media cabinet below a TV! It comes in a variety of different

MRCOOL Mini Split HVAC Honest Initial Impressions

The MRCOOL Mini Split HVAC is an affordable way to cool a room. I had a MRCOOL Mini Split installed in my studio and the performance has been phenomenal so far! It makes the room super cool and with the MRCOOL App, I can control it using my smartphone. I also have it linked with

Watch Collection Review – epeelife – February, 2022

Welcome to another Timepieces for Tomorrow watch collection review. If you'd like me to review your watch collection within an upcoming Timepieces for Tomorrow video, please e-mail photos of your watch collection to review@timepiecesfortomorrow.com and be sure to include a first name or alias that you'd like me to refer to you as within the

Burger King Ghost Pepper Chicken Nuggets Review

I tried Ghost Pepper Chicken Nuggets at Burger King today and I must confess that they were very tasty and actually mildly spicy! I'll definitely eat them again soon! #BurgerKing #GhostPepper

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Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod Kit Unboxing & Initial Impressions

The Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod Kit is excellent for anyone that needs a small tripod for their smartphone, that can also collapse and function as a vlogger grip. Manfrotto products have always been top-quality and this tripod is no exception! I use it in conjunction with my iPhone 12 Pro and it works perfectly! It

Speakman S-2005-H Hotel Anystream Review

The Speakman Anystream is a powerful showerhead! It has adjustable settings and leaves one feeling clean! Installation was simple! Simply attach plumber's tape, screw on and then tighten with a wrench. I found the water pressure to be acceptable but removed the water restrictor for incredible water pressure! #Speakman #Shower Available on Amazon.com - Speakman


The Shark WANDVAC is a small and battery-powered vacuum cleaner for small messes. I purchased the Shark WANDVAC to keep my YouTube studio spotless. I store my WANDVAC underneath my desk because it's so small. It's quick and easy to use the WANDVAC to clean up potato chip messes, etc. To have such excellent suction,

Shark ION Robot

The Shark Ion Robot vacuum offers incredible value and performance! I've been a fan of Shark, since before robotic vacuums. Shark embraces simplistic design, at an affordable price point! The battery life of the Shark Ion Robot is outstanding! On a full charge in my house that has a combination of hardwood floors and carpet,

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