These are the optimal Sonos App settings for a MacBook Pro computer. Several of you asked what settings I use for my Sonos computer speakers and these are the settings. They are the best computer speakers that I’ve ever owned and used!

I use Sonos Era 100 speakers for my Mac computer. They can connect via AirPlay, Bluetooth or the optional Sonos line-in adapter. One Sonos Era 100 speaker sounds great but a second Era 100 can be added to create a stereo pair. Surprisingly, the Sonos Era 100 stereo pair will function over Bluetooth with my MacBook Air M1, so I don’t have to use the optional Sonos line-in adapter! Also, a Sonos Sub can be added for more bass. If you’re seeking some of the best speakers available, Sonos is the best option is my opinion! #Sonos #Era100