Tello Unboxing

Tello is the new "fun drone" from Ryze Tech. Tello is also an educational drone. Using the Scratch programming language, a variety of fun things can be created. If you're simply looking for a fun drone or if you're looking for a training drone, the Tello is an affordable way to become obsessed with the

DJI Mavic Air Case – Waterproof & Ruggedized Case Unboxing

I've always been a fan of waterproof and ruggedized cases for my drones.  Just because drones are smaller nowadays doesn't mean that they should be neglected.  This is the bright yellow case that I use for my Mavic Air but it comes in other colors too.  A TSA lock and shoulder strap can be optionally

Nest Third Generation Unboxing

Right out of the box, the Nest thermostat third generation is an impressive device! The Nest's build quality is great and I really love the stainless steel color, even though Nest is available in other colors too! This is my second Nest and the instructions that come with it for installation are very straight-forward. It's

Beats Pill+ Unboxing

The Beats by Dre Pill+ is an amazing speaker. Apple now owns Beats and the "Apple look and functionality" is clearly apparent. For starters, this speaker recharges via the same Lightning cable that recharges an iPhone. It pairs flawlessly with my MacBook Pro. I can either adjust the volume of the speaker using the buttons

Mavic Air Smartphone Holder Unboxing

This is a must-have accessory for the Mavic Air's controller. Although the Mavic Air's controller is super portable, trying to insert an iPhone that is inside of a case may not work or it may not work well. This enables me to use my iPhone 7 Plus inside of its case with the DJI Mavic

Logitech Brio Unboxing

The Logitech Brio is an impressive 4K webcam but it's just only the 4K capabilities that attracted me to it. For starters, the back of the Brio has a USB-C port. Most webcams do not feature a detachable cable. Since I'm using the Logitech Brio in conjunction with a 2017 MacBook Pro for YouTube Live

Echo Spot Unboxing

The Echo Spot is the latest Amazon Alexa device. The Echo Spot features a screen but is not as large as the Echo Show. The Echo Spot makes a great bed-side alarm clock but also looks great on a desk or other locations. Since the Echo Spot has a screen, it can be used to

Samsung Gear 360 Unboxing

The Samsung Gear 360 is an affordable VR camera. The build quality for such a small size is excellent! It features a tripod mount in the bottom of the grip. I've found the iPhone App for the Samsung Gear 360 to be very functional. I strongly encourage everyone to update the Samsung Gear 360's firmware

Echo Dot 2nd Generation Unboxing

The Echo Dot is a smaller version of the hugely-popular Amazon Echo. I purchased this Echo Dot to use in areas that are far away from my Amazon Echo. Unlike the larger Amazon Echo, this doesn't feature a high-end speaker. It does have an integrated speaker though that is used when Alexa speaks, to play