Sonos Beam Gen 2 Unboxing

Sonos Beam Gen 2 features Dolby Atmos and is an excellent soundbar for someone that doesn't have the need for the physically larger Sonos Arc soundbar. All Sonos speaker sound amazing but I purchased the Sonos Beam Gen 2 for my living room. It fills the room with sound and I paired it with the

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LinenSpa Pillow Unboxing

This is a ventilated gel memory foam pillow. It sleeps cool and is very supportive. Unlike most pillows, I haven't noticed the filling clumping and resulting in uncomfortable sleeping. #LinenSpa #Pillow #Unboxing

Rowenta Iron Unboxing

This Rowenta steam iron is 1700 watts and irons clothes remarkably well! Water is easy to refill and build quality is nice. #Rowenta #Iron #Unboxing

Pepper Shaker or Salt Shaker with Adjustable Pour Holes

This is a great reloadable shaker for salt, pepper or seasonings. #Unboxing

Reusable K CUP Coffee Filter Unboxing

Reusable K Cups are great because they create less waste and can be filled with the coffee of your choosing. I grind my own coffee beans and fill these refillable K Cups with the fresh grind! It's so much fresher than using a pre-filled K Cup! Also, I'm able to save money by buying coffee

ThermoPro TempSpike Twin Unboxing

The ThermoPro Twin TempSpike has arrived. This TempSpike features TWO wireless probes! Each probe monitors ambient temperature and meat temperature. Best of all, THERE ARE NO WIRES! I've been using wired ThermoPro probes to monitor my cooks for many years and these wireless temperature probes are next-level awesome! #ThermoPro #TempSpike #ChefIrixGuy

Masterbuilt Slow Smoker Unboxing

The Masterbuilt Slow Smoker Attachment is an awesome upgrade for a Masterbuilt electric smoker. It works with most Masterbuilt electric smoker and is also commonly referred to as the "Masterbuilt cold smoker attachment." It provides the ability to cold smoke cheese, cold smoke salmon, etc. That is accomplished by leaving the Masterbuilt electric smoker powered

Shark Navigator Swivel Pro Unboxing & Assembly

The Shark Navigator Swivel Pro is an EXCEPTIONAL vacuum cleaner! It's easy to assemble and contains a minimal amount of components to malfunction. One of my favorite aspects of Shark has been that they do not over-engineer their products and their products seem to be built to last. That has been my experience at least!

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Sonos Era 100 Unboxing

I use Sonos Era 100 speakers for my Mac computer. They can connect via AirPlay, Bluetooth or the optional line-in adapter. One Sonos Era 100 speaker sounds great but a second Era 100 can be added to create a stereo pair. Also, a Sonos Sub can be added for more bass. If you're seeking some

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Logitech Pebble Mouse Unboxing

The Logitech Pebble is a super-affordable mouse that is comfortable and features long battery life. The Logi Pebble comes in a variety of different colors. I purchased the Pebble that matches my Logi keyboard. The Logi Pebble's ergonomics are nice! It can be paired using Bluetooth or the included USB dongle. I opted for pairing

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