Oculus Go Unboxing

Oculus Go is a truly amazing experience. Trying to explain Oculus Go or demonstrate Oculus Go doesn't do it justice. Strapping on Oculus Go goggles transport one into another reality. It doesn't feel like "a game" but instead feels like a new reality. Oculus Go is great for playing games, browsing the website and watching

Mavic 2 Pro Unboxing

The Mavic 2 is available in two versions. Mavic 2 Pro features a Hasselblad camera and Mavic 2 Zoom features a zoom camera. Both drones have their unique use cases but I prefer the Mavic 2 Pro, due to the awesome Hasselblad camera with one-inch sensor. #Mavic2Pro #Mavic2

Wemo Mini Smart Plug Unboxing

The Belkin Wemo Smart Plug is a must for smart homes. I use Wemo to control my lights via voice commands using Amazon Echo. It's a very reliable product and the user can choose to control Wemo via the smartphone app, if they choose to not integrate with an additional Amazon Echo or Google Home.

Chillax Pillow Unboxing

The Chillax pillow is great for backpacking. It compresses to an insignificant size and weight for transport and quickly inflates for a comfortable pillow while sleeping. I wrap it in a t-shirt while I sleep to make it feel more like a normal pillow. Available on Amazon.com - Chillax UltraLight Camping Pillow - Compressible, Compact,

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Amazon Fire 7 with Alexa Unboxing

The Amazon Fire 7 with Alexa is an affordable but capable tablet. It's not as nice an an iPad but it definitely doesn't make me feel like a second-class citizen. My primary use case for the Amazon Fire 7 is to fly my DJI Mavic Air drone with the DJI Go App. It works great

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DJI Mavic Air Unboxing (Fly More Combo)

Unboxing the new DJI Mavic Air Fly More Combo.  This is the red DJI Mavic Air.

Echo Spot Unboxing

The Echo Spot is the latest Amazon Alexa device. The Echo Spot features a screen but is not as large as the Echo Show. The Echo Spot makes a great bed-side alarm clock but also looks great on a desk or other locations. Since the Echo Spot has a screen, it can be used to

Echo Dot 2nd Generation Unboxing

The Echo Dot is a smaller version of the hugely-popular Amazon Echo. I purchased this Echo Dot to use in areas that are far away from my Amazon Echo. Unlike the larger Amazon Echo, this doesn't feature a high-end speaker. It does have an integrated speaker though that is used when Alexa speaks, to play

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Shark Lightweight Professional Steam Iron Unboxing

Shark Lightweight Professional Steam Iron is a well-made, yet affordable, steam iron. Unlike irons that I have previously used that had to be refilled multiple times while ironing laundry, I was able to iron a week's worth of pants and dress shirts without having to add additional water to the iron. I've been a fan