Echo Sub Unboxing

Echo Sub is an excellent way to complete an Echo Studio home theater setup. The bass is very impressive! Echo Sub can also be paired with a variety of other compatible Amazon Echo devices. #EchoSub Available on - Echo Sub - Powerful subwoofer for your Echo - requires compatible Echo device

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AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage Unboxing

TSA regulations are constantly changing. At the time of posting this, I was able to use this suitcase as a carry-on. It's affordably-priced but contains plenty of storage space. I like how it doesn't contain unnecessary dividers, pieces, etc. internally that reduce storage capacity. Build quality is good but obviously not exceptional. For the price

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Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit Unboxing

I've used my previous Wahl hair clipper kit since July, 2013. It has finally gotten to the point where maintenance is required (sharpening, etc.) so I decided to pick up this improved and color-coded version instead. These clippers are built like a tank! The ROI is amazing because it will pay for itself after just

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Rode Wireless Go Unboxing

The Rode Wireless Go is a convenient professional audio solution. It's USB-C rechargeable and features a built-in microphone. Optionally, a lavalier microphone may be attached. Rode Wireless Go has improved my video production workflow because now I can wirelessly record professional audio directly to my camera. The transmitter can be worn, if using the internal

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LumeCube Air Unboxing

The LumeCube Air is incredible lighting for both video and photo. For starters, LumeCube Air is super portable and waterproof! Also, LumeCube Air is USB-rechargeable. It's easy to pack more than one LumeCube Air for when more than one light source is necessary. Multiple LumeCube Airs can be controlled with a smartphone app and the

DJI Osmo Action Unboxing

The Osmo Action is amazing! This is my first video of the Osmo Action and the build quality is exceptional! I can't say if the build quality of GoPro or Osmo Action is better. I like how Osmo Action has a USB-C port and both front and rear-facing screens. Osmo Action has "GoPro killer" written

Best Choice Products 4in Thick Folding Portable Twin Mattress Unboxing

This is an excellent folding mattress for travel. It folds for convenient transport and greatly Trumps sleeping on a hard floor. The memory foam is super comfortable! I sleep as well on this portable mattress as I do the mattress in my bedroom! #mattress #unboxing

Google Chromecast Ultra Unboxing

The Google Chromecast Ultra is a must for anyone that has a 4K television. For watching YouTube alone, Chromecast is worth it! It makes watching YouTube feel like an actual television channel. I've also paid my Chromecast with my laptop, so I can stream my computer's desktop to my television. Installation and ease-of-use could not

Atomos Shinobi Unboxing

The Atomos Shinobi is a wonderful field monitor! It's small and lightweight but features an impressive 1920x1080 resolution! I use in conjunction with my a7iii and a7Riii to create a forward-facing monitor for face-on-video scenarios. I also use in conjunction with the LCD display on the back of my camera, when I'm using manual focus.

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BeatsX Earphones Unboxing

The BeatsX headphones are affordable and provide great audio quality. They pair nicely with both my Mac and iPhone via Bluetooth and being able to recharge them using the same Lightning cable that I use to recharge my iPhone is convenient! #Beats

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