DJI Mavic Air Case – Waterproof & Ruggedized Case Unboxing

I've always been a fan of waterproof and ruggedized cases for my drones.  Just because drones are smaller nowadays doesn't mean that they should be neglected.  This is the bright yellow case that I use for my Mavic Air but it comes in other colors too.  A TSA lock and shoulder strap can be optionally

Drone Safety – A Drone IS NOT a Toy

Despite the bright color options and smaller size, drones are not toys! Flying drones is a privilege and if too many people abuse drones, the drone hobby may no longer exist soon. It's imperative that fellow drone enthusiasts bond together and preach safe and responsible drone use. Be a drone evangelist and an advocate of

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DJI Mavic Air Waterfall Excitement

Having some fun with waterfalls and the DJI Mavic Air.