How to Disable MySQL Bin Logs

MySQL bin logs can consume a lot of disk space. Many people like myself try to minimize the amount of disk space that is allocated to Linux servers to reduce cost. When MySQL logs start to build, disk space can be consumed quickly. Admittedly, one of my Ubuntu Linux MySQL servers was approaching 100% disk

How to Grill a Steak

This is how to grill a steak! Grilling the perfect steak is a skill that is perfected over time. I always recommend using a charcoal grill, for the best-tasting steak! Toss on some hickory chips to amplify the flavor even more! I marinate my steak in the refrigerator overnight, while tightly-covered. For simplicity, simply use

How to Make a Garage Door Look Fancy

This is how to make a garage door look fancy! These garage door magnets contain rare earth magnets and don't require drilling. If you want to make your garage door look like it has handles, this is how to attach decorative garage door handles and accent pieces to a garage door without drilling! #GarageDoorMagnets Available

How to Grill Hamburgers

This is how to grill hamburgers. Grilling hamburgers takes practice the first time but becomes easy after a few cooks. For starters, you'll likely want to buy pre-formed hamburgers from your grocery store's meat department. Those burgers will likely stick together better than burgers that you may form out of ground beef or ground chuck

How to Grill a Hotdog

This is how to grill a hotdog. If you're new to grilling and want to impress your friends, grilling a hotdog is one of the most simple things to grill. Most hotdogs are pre-cooked, so even if it wasn't grilled quite long enough it'll likely still be safe to eat. Within this video, I explain

How to Cook Bacon

This is how to cook bacon! Cooking bacon is simple, if you know the proper steps. Many people burn bacon. This is how I cook perfect bacon perfectly without burning the bacon! #Bacon #Cooking

How to Scan for Penny Stocks

THIS VIDEO IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY AND SHOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED A RECOMMENDATION TO BUY OR SELL A SECURITY This is how I scan for penny stocks. Researching penny stocks can be a lot of fun.  This is my preferred way for exporting and then filtering through penny stocks.  I typically perform this analysis

How to Remove Latex Paint Spots

This is how to remove latex paint from a floor. I have laminate floors and failed to cover parts of them, while rolling my walls with latex paint. Even though I was careful while painting my walls, the paint roller sprayed tiny specks of paint. Since the paint is white and my floor is brown,

How I Set My Camera to Look PERFECT for Green Screen Work

This is how I set my camera to look PERFECT for green screen videos. Although I had near-perfect lighting, something seemed "off." It turns out that I had not applied the optimal settings on my camera. This is what I did to make my green screen videos look excellent! #GreenScreen​ #Howto

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