How to Green Screen During a Web Conference

Within this tutorial, I explain how to green screen during a web conference. I've used this procedure to green screen with GoToMeeting but this same procedure will likely work for most other web conferencing software too! Why green screen during GoToMeeting? It enables the presenter to have a professional backdrop of their choosing vs. whatever

How to Make Money at Home

How to make money at home. Being stuck at home while quarantined does not necessarily have to be a bad thing. There are many ways to make money from home. Within this video, I explain why applying to become a YouTube Partner may be an awesome way to make money from home. Enjoy and share

AmazonBasics Closet Storage Organizer with Bins and Shelving Assembly

Within this video, I assemble the AmazonBasics Closet Storage Organizer. Assembly was simple and the build quality is nice! I purchased this to function as a shelf to hold my down sleeping bags, while not in use. I store my backpacking clothing inside of the two bins below. I've been very pleased with this product

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How to Hide Money in the Caribbean

This is how to hide money in the Caribbean. The Caribbean is typically a safe place but most any popular travel destination attracts thieves too. The sad reality is that many people tend to lose their situational awareness, while on vacation. Vacationers also tend to carry an extra amount of cash. On top of that

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How to Pause Nest Cameras

This is how to pause Google Nest cameras. When performing bandwidth-intensive tasks such as YouTube live streaming, etc. it may be beneficial to temporarily pause Nest cameras. By design, Nest cameras continuously uploaded recorded video to the cloud. Although that likely won't impact most applications, pausing the Nest cameras may provide the extra bandwidth necessary

How to Chill Drinks While Backpacking

This is how to chill drinks while backpacking. Streams are usually a lot cooler than the surrounding air and provide a natural way of making a beverage colder. #Backpacking #Howto

How to Take a Screenshot with iPhone XR

This is how to snap a screenshot with the iPhone XR. This procedure is quite different than the screenshot procedure for older iPhone models. #iPhoneXR #iPhone

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macOS Disk Utility Scheme Missing Fix

This is how to fix "scheme" not appearing within Disk Utility. To configure scheme within Disk Utility to format an external SSD for Windows 10, this is what I had to do to make the scheme option appear within Disk Utility. I hope that this video fixes your Disk Utility scheme option not showing too!

Osmo Pocket Videos Won’t Import Fix

The Osmo Pocket is first-in-breed. It features mechanically-stabilized video via a gimbal and an optional waterproof housing enables it to function underwater. I've been a long-time GoPro user since GoPro HERO2 but Osmo Pocket can be a game-changer! Osmo Pocket is small, lightweight and can record up to 4K60 video! It has an integrated screen

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