Cloud storage may seem to be the most convenient storage option but it can become extremely expensive very quickly. Most cloud storage providers increase subscription cost annually. Also, many have data storage limits and after reaching a certain file size, monthly subscription cost will likely increase. Moreover, cloud storage requires an Internet connection to send and receive files and many Internet service providers charge additional fees if a monthly transfer limit is exceeded. For this season, I store all of my files in my “private cloud” on my Synology NAS. For good measure, I have a second USB hard drive that I store at another location to better ensure that I shouldn’t lose my data. #CloudStorage #Synology #NAS #PrivateCloud

Available on Synology 2-Bay DiskStation DS223j (Diskless)

Available on Seagate Exos X18 18TB Enterprise HDD | CMR | 3.5 Inch | Hyperscale | SATA 6Gb/s | 7200 RPM | 512e and 4Kn | FastFormat | Low Latency with Enhanced Caching | ST18000NM000J