The Sony A7R3 is available to order now but is it worth the upgrade? I have been a Sony A7R2 user for several years now and am a huge fan. Does the A7R3 bring “enough new” to the table to make upgrading necessary? Key improvements with the Sony A7R3 is greatly-enhanced battery life, dual SD card slots and a joystick. The thing that disappointed me most about the new A7R3 is that is seems to use the same sensor as the A7R2, there is no megapixel bump and 4K60 is not available. If I didn’t already own an A7R2, I’d likely buy the A7R3 simply due to the fact that it provides greater battery life. Since there is no 4K60 and no megapixel bump, I find it hard to justify upgrading from the A7R2, especially given that I have purchased so many batteries for my A7R2 and those batteries would not be compatible with the A7R3. My conclusion is that the A7R3 would be great for a first-time buyer if money is not an issue. The A7R3 does bring newer tech to the table but for buyers that are thrifty with their spending, the A7R2 will likely produce just as amazing results! #A7R3

Available on Amazon.comSony a7R III 42.4MP Full-frame Mirrorless Interchangeable-Lens Camera