Sony Alpha Camera Overheating Fix

This is how to fix a Sony alpha camera that is overheating. Most recent Sony alpha cameras contain this setting within their menu system. Adjusting this setting will likely cause the Sony alpha camera to power off as quickly after becoming very warm. Please keep in mind that there are certain situation where a Sony

Sipsey Wilderness – Spring, 2022

The Sipsey Wilderness is an incredible place for backpacking. Located in the middle of nowhere, there are many miles of various terrain types to explore. There are rocky ledges, streams, caves, beaches and more! There is also an abundance of wildlife. We almost always hear owls at night. #Sipsey #Backpacking

The View From Andrew’s Bald

Andrew's Bald provides an amazing view! The shortest hike to Andrew's Bald is from the parking lot in front of Clingman's Dome. I highly recommend this short day hike in the Smoky Mountains! #AndrewsBald #SmokyMountains

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Sunset Overlooking Coral Bay

Coral Bay is located on the east end of St. John. It's my favorite part of St. John because it's like sleeping in a jungle. There are minimal lights, no large businesses and it truly has the island feel. This is where I recommend staying on St. John! Enjoy and be sure to subscribe to

St. John’s Best Beaches

These are St. John's best beaches! St. John is full of many wonderful beaches and all are wonderful. What makes St. John such a wonderful island is that most of the island is a National Park. St. John has not been ruined by high-rise resorts, etc. as the result of that. Trunk Bay, Cinnamon Bay,

Sony a7Riii Green Screen Test

The "R" in Sony a7Riii is refers to resolution. It captures 42MP still but how is the a7Riii's video performance for green screen work? I use several cameras, including the a7iii but these are the results that I achieved using my a7Riii in conjunction with my green screen. Please tell me what you think. Is

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