SmallRig A7RIII / A7III Cage Unboxing

This is an affordable and well-made camera cage for the a7iii and a7riii. It may better protect the camera and provides a plethora of accessory mounting options.

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Manfrotto MB NX-BP-VBU Camera Backpack Unboxing

This is a terrific backpack for a camera, laptop and/or accessories! It has padded storage in the bottom area that is less accessible by would-be thieves with room for a camera and lenses. It has a laptop storage area. The top zippered area has ample room for miscellaneous items. The tripod holder on the outside

Rode VideoMic Pro Compact Shotgun Microphone Unboxing

This is an excellent video microphone! It's one of the smaller Rode VideoMics and that makes it optimal for using in conjunction with a DSLR camera, such as the Canon EOS T3i DSLR camera. This is a broadcast-quality video microphone, so it adds a professional audio touch for videos. The wind performance of this microphone

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AmazonBasics DSLR and Laptop Backpack Review

This is the best backpack that I have found for traveling with a DSLR camera and DSLR camera gear. The interior of this backpack is customizable to fit an array of DSLR camera lenses and/or other accessories. There is another area that has plenty of pockets and a zippered storage area too! The bright orange

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Mefoto Roadtrip Travel Tripod Unboxing

The Mefoto Roadtrip tripod comes in a variety colors and is GREAT for travel. Most travel tripod are short and flimsy. This tripod is an exceptional height when fully extended yet packs up short enough to attach to most DSLR camera backpacks. The included carrying case is of exceptional build quality but I simply attach

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T-200L Extendable Telescopic Monopod Review

This is a fantastic monopod for a GoPro camera! It will work with other cameras and camcorders too, as it has the standard screw-in tripod type camera mount. I bought this because it is collapsible, less expensive and easier to travel with than other monopods. I highly recommend this monopod! Available on - T-200L:

Green Screen Equipment & Tutorial

This is how to green screen. Within this video, I explain all green screen procedures from lighting to editing. Learning how to green screen may seem difficult at first but after purchasing the appropriate equipment and practicing in your green screen location, chroma keying ("green screening") is an easy skill to master. Consistent lighting and

Neewer LED Ring Light Unboxing

There are an abundance of ring lights on the market today. Many are not LED and become very warm. This Neewer ring light is an LED ring light. The brightness is adjustable and it doesn’t seem to become noticeable hot. I like how it came with two different color filters. This has greatly enhanced the

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Sony FDR-AX100 Initial Impressions

The Sony FDR-AX100 4K camcorder is a lot more than simply an affordable 4K camcorder. It contains many prosumer 4K camcorder features but can be used in a minimalist way to not draw the "film crew" look that many larger prosumer camcorders and professional camcorders do. The Sony stereo external mic is a must for

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