2018 Audi A3 Review

The 2018 Audi a3 is an amazing car! Just because it's the smallest vehicle in the Audi line-up doesn't mean that it's inferior. The fit, finish and performance is just as excellent as the larger and more expensive Audis. The A3's fuel economy is amazing, it can run off of regular unleaded gasoline and it

Relaxing Stream Alongside Alum Cave Bluffs Trail

Alum Caves Bluffs Trail is one of many amazing places to hike in the Smoky Mountains.  Enjoy!

Dry Creek – Pickwick Lake

Dry Creek is arguably one of the most famous places to anchor up in the world! On a slow day, there are usually at least a few hundred boats anchored in Dry Creek! Enjoy and be sure to watch my other Pickwick Lake videos too!

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