Bear Country – How to Lessen Food Odors

Hiking is bear country is fun but can be dangerous, if the appropriate precautions aren't proactively taken. Something as simple as eating a meat stick and then carrying the wrapper in a backpack could attract a hungry bear. For that reason, I store all meat stick and other snap wrappers inside of a water bottle

Bear Spray Unboxing

Bear spray is a must for the backcountry! If approached by an aggressive bear, there is a possibility that bear spray may provide an opportunity to survive. I never go backpacking without bear spray quickly accessible. Bear spray provide peace of mind, while in the backcountry. #BearSpray #Bear

Bear Climbing a Tree

Can a bear climb a tree? A bear can climb a tree very easily! Within this video, you can clearly see how efficiently a bear can climb a tree. Never run if a black bear is chasing you and NEVER climb a tree to try to escape from a bear because the bear WILL catch

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