What Poison Ivy Looks Like

Knowing how to spot poison ivy is important! This is what poison ivy looks like. Many people, including myself, are highly allergic to poison ivy. Poison ivy can create an itchy rash that may bleed when scratched. Poison that that makes contact with a backpacking, clothing and/or other object can be transferred to skin. If

How to Charge Electronics While Backpacking

This is how to charge electronics while backpacking! This is a super small and super lightweight solar USB battery bank. Charge it to full at home using USB and then recharge as while needed, using the sun! I use this solar charger to recharge my iPhone, Apple Watch, Sony camera, GoPro, USB flashlights and more!

Danner Trail 2650 Review

Available on Amazon.com - Danner Men's Trail 2650 3" Gore-Tex Hiking Shoe My old hiking shoes wore out after a few years and I had to shop for a new pair. My requirements were waterproof, comfortable (nothing tall like a book) and a great tread pattern. These Danner Trail 2650 hiking shoes ticked all of

Nemo Fillo Pillow Review

Available on Amazon.com - Nemo Fillo Pillow - Inflatable Camp Pillow for Backpacking or Travel The Nemo Fillo Pillow is an upgrade from most backpacking pillows. Despite its small travel size and travel weight, it expands, inflates and features a memory foam coating. After inflation, the memory foam takes its comfort to the next level.

NEMO Astro Insulated Lite Sleeping Pad Review

Available on Amazon.com - NEMO Astro Insulated Lite Sleeping Pad I've been backpacking since I was a teenager and sleeping pads have continued to evolve. The NEMO Astro Lite is the best sleeping pad that I've used to date! For starters, it packs up compactly and it is insulated. That is great, since I mostly

Helinox Chair One Review

The Helinox Chair One is the perfect backpacking chair for me! They make an ultralight version but I found the Helinox One to be the perfect balance of stability, comfort and travel size. It packs up small and is very lightweight. To make things even better, the Helinox Chair One can support heavier people. As

Mount LeCan’t not Mount LeConte

I have always always wanted to summit Mt. LeConte. It's not only an excellent workout but it's concurrently an opportunity to add a "dot on one's personal resume. I failed because I am afraid of heights but at least I tried to summit Mt. LeConte! I admire the individuals that are not afraid of heights

Leki Micro Vario Carbon Poles

Available on Amazon.com - LEKI Micro Vario Carbon Pole Pair Hiking poles are a must, when hiking in mountainous backcountry. They increase stability and can also improve efficiency while hiking. These Leki hiking poles are made out of carbon fiber and break down to an extremely packable size and weight, while not in use. #Leki

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How to Pack for Backpacking

This is how I pack for backpacking. When I'm planning a big backpacking adventure, I always pack far in advance and assemble a checklist. Forgetting to take key gear while backpacking can result in a miserable and/or dangerous experience. Enjoy and share with others too! #Backpacking

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Cold Weather Backpacking Lessons Learned

Backpacking in extremely cold weather requires a lot more planning and gear. A backpacker should always travel light. With that said, it's important to pack the appropriate layers for warmer to sub-freezing temperatures plus food and other gear. Cold weather backpacking gear can be expensive, so I suggest shopping in advance during holiday sales to

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