How to Pack a Backpack for Backpacking

This is how to pack a backpack for backpacking. I've backpacked hundreds of miles and have slept many nights in the Smoky Mountains. Many of those trips included snow and ice. Being prepared for backpacking is a must because there is no turning back! This is how I pack my backpack to better ensure that

How to Use a Bellows While Backpacking

A bellows is a must-have piece of gear while backpacking. This bellows collapses and weighs next to nothing in a backpack. Blowing into a bellows makes the air more focused. When blowing on a piece of burning wood, it more quickly causes the wood to flame up. A bellows is particularly valuable when wood is

Two Ways to Cross a Stream While Backpacking

These are two ways to cross a stream while backpacking. During cold weather, it's especially important to avoid getting wet. Even during seemingly-warm weather, temperature at night can drop and hypothermia can set in. How do you prefer to cross a stream while backpacking? #Backpacking #Backcountry #Wilderness

Sipsey Wilderness During Spring

Sipsey Wilderness is an amazing backpacking destination! There is an abundance of waterfalls, stream crossings, caves, rock overhangs and challenging terrain! There are plenty of established backcountry campsites that can be found but some of the best ones can be found a short distance from the hiking trails. Sipsey Wilderness in Bankhead National Forest will

Bear Country – How to Lessen Food Odors

Hiking is bear country is fun but can be dangerous, if the appropriate precautions aren't proactively taken. Something as simple as eating a meat stick and then carrying the wrapper in a backpack could attract a hungry bear. For that reason, I store all meat stick and other snap wrappers inside of a water bottle

Mountain Hardwear CAMP4 Duffel 65 Demonstration

The Mountain Hardwear CAMP4 Duffel comes in a variety of different sizes. This is the 65 but I have the larger one too. I love these duffels because they fold into a disc-shaped stuff pouch while not in use. I use them to transport all of my outdoor clothing to basecamp. The build quality is

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Sea to Summit X-Pot Kettle Demonstration

The Sea to Summit X-Pot is an incredible invention! Even the lightest backpacking cookware consumes a large amount of volume inside a backpack. The X-Pot solves that problem by collapsing during transport. Even though this is a collapsible backpacking pot, it is able to be used in conjunction with a backpacker's stove! Just be sure

Sawyer Water Filtration System Demonstration

A Sawyer water filtration system is the optimal way to filter water while backpacking. Simply collect water in the collapsible water bladder, screw on the filter and then squeeze out filtered water! You can also drink directly from the filter, instead of pouring into a pot or water bottle first. While in the backcountry, I

8K UltraHD Secret Waterfall off Middle Prong Trail

8K UltraHD waterfall. This is a secret waterfall that can be found a few hundred feet off of Middle Prong Trail in the Smoky Mountains. The trail is not marked but after you cross over the large bridge, listen for the water. Before a sharp turn back to the left, there is an area in

Backcountry Campsite 34 Walkthrough

Backcountry Campsite #34 is an enjoyable hike from Cosby via Gabe's Mountain Trail! Please note that all backcountry campsites in the SMoky Mountains are by reservation only, so be sure to contact the Backcountry Office to obtain a backcountry permit. The hike to Backcountry Campsite #34 provides a variety of scenic mountain views and there

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