Rubbermaid Configurations Installation Video – DIY Closet Upgrade

This is how to install Rubbermaid Configurations closet organizer. Rubbermaid Configurations is a great way to maximize space inside an existing closet or in a new closet. Rubbermaid Configurations shelves and rods are sturdy and I've noticed zero visible flex, even when fully loaded with clothes. Multiple Rubbermaid Configurations kits can be combined for larger

How to Remove a Stuck Wall Anchor

This is how to remove a stuck wall anchor. Simply applying spackle over a stuck wall anchor and then painting will likely show over time. Within this video, I demonstrate a simple way to remove a wall anchor. #Howto #WallAnchor #DIY

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How to Replace a Toilet Seat

This is how to replace a toilet seat, First, check to see if your existing toilet seat is an "elongated toilet seat" or "round toilet seat." Within this video, I explain step-by-step how to remove a toilet seat and then install a toilet seat. I hope that this video helps and if it does, please

DIY Affordable Shower Upgrade

A shower upgrade doesn't have to be expensive and it can also be a DIY project. The reality is that most showers contain an old and/or underwhelming shower head. By replacing the single shower head with a better primary shower head and secondary detachable shower head with selector switch, the shower becomes a completely different

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