How Omega Should Improve SeaMaster 300m

The Omega SeaMaster 300m is arguably one of the most iconic dive watches in the world. It's built like a tank, is highly water resistant and has the old-school James Bond connection. However, what would make this iconic dive watch even better? These are my thoughts. What do you think? #Omega #SeaMaster #TimepiecesForTomorrow

Is Omega SeaMaster 300m Blue Wave Dial Still Relevant?

Is the Omega SeaMaster 300m with blue wave dial still a smart decision? Within this video, I discuss the pros and cons of a pre-ceramic Omega SeaMaster. Enjoy, share, subscribe and check out my other Timepieces for Tomorrow videos too! #TimepiecesForTomorrow #Watches #SeaMaster

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Rolex Submariner vs. Omega SeaMaster 300m

Rolex Submariner and Omega SeaMaster are arguably the two most popular watches in the world. Made famous by James Bond, both of these iconic dive watches are COSC-certified chronometers. They are highly-accurate and can be worn almost anywhere. Within this video, I compare the older Omega SeaMaster 300m with blue wave dial and aluminum bezel

Rolex Submariner vs. Omega Seamaster

Is the Rolex Submariner or the Omega Seamaster a better watch? Both are excellent Swiss watches and both are iconic, timeless and highly-recognizable. Within this video I do a side-by-side comparison of the Omega Seamaster Professional 300m and Rolex Submariner Ceramic NON-DATE in the water at Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman. #Rolex #Omega

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