Tudor Black Bay Fifty Eight Blue Review

The Tudor Black Bay Fifty Eight is an incredible watch! Tudor was created by Hans Wildorf and is Rolex's sister brand. Historically, Tudor made excellent timepieces but until recently it was releasing unusual timepieces. That changed when Tudor released the Black Bay 58. Although I was not a fan of the original Black Bay Fifty

Wear Watch Below Wrist Bone or Above Wrist Bone?

Should a watch be worn below the wrist bone or above the wrist bone? Within this video, I demonstrate why I wear my watch below the wrist bone. This video was prompted by comments on YouTube because I had never even considered wearing a watch above the wrist bone until I read the comments. To

Tudor Black Bay 58 vs. Rolex Submariner

The Tudor Black Bay 58 Blue may be the best dive watch on the market today! Within this video, I review the Tudor Black Bay Fifty Eight Blue in-depth and compare it to the Rolex Submariner 114060. Is the Rolex Submariner or Black Bay 58 the better watch? #BlackBay58 #Submariner

LIVE Watch Chat with Archibald Chesterfield III & Hybrid Life

Join live to discuss watch collecting with Archibald Chesterfield III & Hybrid Life. They are both experts in the field of watch collecting! #WatchCollecting

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Breitling SuperOcean Heritage II in a Stream

The Breitling SuperOcean Heritage II is an incredible timepiece! It features a ceramic bezel and the most comfortable bracelet that I've ever worn! It's available in a variety of dial and bezel colors and comes in 42mm, 44mm & 46mm sizes. This is the 42mm version and although I tried both the 42mm and 44mm

Why WatchBox Should Hire Archibald Chesterfield III (“AC3”)

Archibald Chesterfield III is the most knowledgeable wrist watch collector in the world! A graduate of the prestigious Oxley State High in Australia, AC3 was born to be famous. AC3 has openly shared watch knowledge that has made everyone better-educated watch collectors. His positive mention of a particular watch brand and reference causes prices to

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Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Diver Review After Several Years Wearing

Ulysse Nardin makes a very high-quality dive watch. This is the Ulysse Nardin 263-33 Marine Diver Chronometer. It has a burgundy colored dial that looks quilted in the sunlight. It is a COSC-certified chronometer and is rated for 300 meters water resistance. I chose the stainless bracelet but there are a variety of Ulysses Nardin

Panerai Luminor PAM00112 in a Stream

The Panerai Luminor is an amazing timepiece! Panerai was made famous by Italian frogmen. There are an abundance of Panerai Luminor references available. This Panerai Luminor PAM0012 piece is a purist's timepiece. It features a manual-wind movement and clean dial with only a minute hand and second hand. It has the famous "sapphire sandwich" dial

Jaeger LeCoultre Master Control Review After 7 Years

Jaeger LeCoultre makes some of the best timepieces. They don't submit to COSC because they are too good for that and test their movements inside of the timepiece for 1000 hours! #JaegerLeCoultre

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Why Some Watches of the Same Size Look Larger

Although two watches may possess the same case size, there are many factors that may cause two watches of the same size to appear to be different sizes. The presence of a rotating bezel, bezel material, bezel color, dial color, case thickness, bracelet style and crown size are just a few aspects of a watch

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