Sony a7Riv Initial Impressions

The Sony A7RIV brings a lot of newness to the mirrorless camera game! Sporting 61 megapixels and continuous eye AF for video, this camera is a beast! I'm disappointed that Sony didn't provide a flip-forward LCD display option though. The A7RIV features a brand new sensor, as well as a brand new shoe! #A7RIV

Sony A7RIII AF Test

I was worried that the Sony a7Riii may not have excellent auto-focus for video like the a7iii. I was impressed! On paper the a7iii has superior AF specs but in the field, these are the results that I captured with the a7Riii. The a7Riii captures 42MP still photos and that is why many people may

Sony a7iii FUP Review After Many Months Using

The Sony a7iii is the most impressive camera that I've ever owned! The price point is excellent for a full-frame camera and it's equally-capable with both video and stills. I love how I can "cheat" if I want to capture videos or photos without full manual most. I enter my key parameters and the camera

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