DJI Action Camera 05-15-2019?

Strong speculation suggests that DJI's "Unleash Your Other Side" launch event will be a waterproof action camera with a forward-facing screen. If this materializes, it could be a game-changer, since GoPro cameras do not currently have that feature. Stay tuned to for all of the latest. Regardless of what is is, 05-15-2019 should be

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DJI Waterproof Drone May, 15th?

DJI's next launch event is 05/15/2019. Will DJI release a waterproof drone then? I'm a long-term DJI fan and feel that a waterproof drone and a drone with a 360-degree camera are two items that are missing from DJI's current drone line-up. What do you think that DJI will release on May, 15th and why