DJI Osmo Action Unboxing

The Osmo Action is amazing! This is my first video of the Osmo Action and the build quality is exceptional! I can't say if the build quality of GoPro or Osmo Action is better. I like how Osmo Action has a USB-C port and both front and rear-facing screens. Osmo Action has "GoPro killer" written

DJI Osmo Action Available Now!!!

The Osmo Action is available now and I ordered mine ASAP! On paper, the Osmo Action looks incredible! The most noticeable edge over GoPro is its front-facing camera for selfie videos and photos! Osmo Action should be an incredible tool for both dry land and underwater! Stay tuned for my Osmo Action unboxing and field

DJI Action Camera 05-15-2019?

Strong speculation suggests that DJI's "Unleash Your Other Side" launch event will be a waterproof action camera with a forward-facing screen. If this materializes, it could be a game-changer, since GoPro cameras do not currently have that feature. Stay tuned to for all of the latest. Regardless of what is is, 05-15-2019 should be

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