Sunset Overlooking Coral Bay

Coral Bay is located on the east end of St. John. It's my favorite part of St. John because it's like sleeping in a jungle. There are minimal lights, no large businesses and it truly has the island feel. This is where I recommend staying on St. John! Enjoy and be sure to subscribe to

Sony a7Riii Green Screen Test

The "R" in Sony a7Riii is refers to resolution. It captures 42MP still but how is the a7Riii's video performance for green screen work? I use several cameras, including the a7iii but these are the results that I achieved using my a7Riii in conjunction with my green screen. Please tell me what you think. Is

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Sony Firmware 3.0 for A7RIII & A7III Animal Eye Focus Review

Sony firmware version 3.0 for Sony A7Riii and Sony a7iii adds animal eye focus. Animal eye focus makes photographing animals like Sean Coonery the BIG Maine Coon Cat easier! By having the eyes in peak focus, the photograph looks outstanding! Below are samples that I captured with the Sony a7Riii with firmware version 3.0 and

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Sony 24-70GM First Impressions

The Sony 24-70GM lens is a great "one lens" solution, for most scenarios. 24mm is wide enough for most landscapes and 70mm produces pleasing portraits with smooth bokeh. This lens is tack-sharp! The build quality of this lens is exceptional but it is heavy. Had I not used prime lenses primarily before using this lens,

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