The Effects of Elevation While Backpacking

Elevation should always be taken into account while backpacking. Elevation effects different people in different ways. Some people lose their voice. Some people become dizzy. Tolerance to alcohol is often reduced at elevation. Temperature typically drops approximately five degrees for everyone thousand feet gained. It may be dry at base camp but it may be

Bear Country – The Only Things Allowed in My Tent

Backpacking in bear country can be dangerous if certain safety protocols are not firmly adhered to. Black bears are typically less aggressive than grizzly bears but if they smell food, they will likely try to find it. For that reason, always use backcountry bear pulley systems to suspend all of your scented items (chewing gum,

How to Pack a Backpack for Backpacking

This is how to pack a backpack for backpacking. I've backpacked hundreds of miles and have slept many nights in the Smoky Mountains. Many of those trips included snow and ice. Being prepared for backpacking is a must because there is no turning back! This is how I pack my backpack to better ensure that

Two Ways to Cross a Stream While Backpacking

These are two ways to cross a stream while backpacking. During cold weather, it's especially important to avoid getting wet. Even during seemingly-warm weather, temperature at night can drop and hypothermia can set in. How do you prefer to cross a stream while backpacking? #Backpacking #Backcountry #Wilderness

How to Poop in the Wilderness – 2021 Edition

This is how to poop in the woods. While backcountry camping, there are no restrooms. I've met many sweaty and miserable amateurs on the trails that are either afraid to use the restroom in the woods or simply don't know how. They'll hold it in, to the point of misery. As crazy as this subject

What Poison Ivy Looks Like

Knowing how to spot poison ivy is important! This is what poison ivy looks like. Many people, including myself, are highly allergic to poison ivy. Poison ivy can create an itchy rash that may bleed when scratched. Poison that that makes contact with a backpacking, clothing and/or other object can be transferred to skin. If

How to Chill Drinks While Backpacking

This is how to chill drinks while backpacking. Streams are usually a lot cooler than the surrounding air and provide a natural way of making a beverage colder. #Backpacking #Howto

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