Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Quick Tips

These are a few quick tips for the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker! It's one of my favorite tools for cooking! #ChefIrixGuy The Masterbuilt digital electric smoker is a convenient and effective way to smoke meat and vegetables. Since it's an electric smoker, electricity maintains a consistent temperature without the need to add charcoal. Wood chips are

My Light for Grilling

I do a lot of grilling and don't always carry a flashlight. Sometimes I don't want to use my smartphone as a camera because my fingers are greasy. This LED light is perfect for grilling! It's super affordable and can recharge via USB. After I've finished grilling for the night, I simply bring the LED

Happy Belly Jerk Seasoning Review

Happy Belly Jerk Seasoning is delicious! It's great for chicken, pork chops, ribs, wings, burgers and more. Whether grilled or baked, jerk seasoning adds a sweet and spicy flavor profile to food. #JerkSeasoning #HappyBelly #ChefIrixGuy

Chef IrixGuy Preparing BBQ Pit

Welcome to Chef IrixGuy's BBQ pit! A proper pit is the best way to smoke BBQ. It should last a lifetime and has a large food capacity. Subscribe and stay tuned for all of Chef IrixGuy's BBQ videos! #ChefIrixGuy #BBQ

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