How to Cook Ghost Pepper Ribs

This is how to cook ghost pepper ribs! If you love barbecue but want to try something a little different with ribs, this is it! Please note that ghost pepper is extremely spicy, so I recommend sampling ghost pepper on other foods before devoting an entire afternoon to cooking delicious ribs that are too spicy

How to Smoke Spare Ribs Step-By-Step with Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

This is how to smoke spare ribs with a Masterbuilt Electric smoker. Within this video, I explain step-by-step how to smoke perfect spare ribs in a Masterbuilt Electric smoker. This is a slow process! Please be certain that you have 8 hours or so to devote to the process because spare ribs that are rushed

Chef IrixGuy’s Pre-Baked Ribs

Pre-baked ribs are the best! They contain penetrating flavors from the pre-bake, are super tender and then obtain the hickory flavor and firmness from the grill. Many BBQ purists would disagree with this method but try it, taste it and then let me know what you think! #ChefIrixGuy #BabyBackRibs #Ribs #ChefIrixGuy #BBQ Available on

How to Cook Ribs Perfectly

This is how to cook perfect ribs! Cooking ribs can never be a rushed process. Within this video, I explain how to cook ribs step-by-step. The first step is baking the ribs at a low temperature with appropriate seasoning and marinade for aromatics and tenderness. Next, I create a homemade BBQ sauce. The thin sauce

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