How to Smoke Spare Ribs Step-By-Step with Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

This is how to smoke spare ribs with a Masterbuilt Electric smoker. Within this video, I explain step-by-step how to smoke perfect spare ribs in a Masterbuilt Electric smoker. This is a slow process! Please be certain that you have 8 hours or so to devote to the process because spare ribs that are rushed

Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker Review – Memorial Day Weekend, 2024

I've used this Masterbuilt electric smoker for several years now and wanted to post a Masterbuilt electric smoker follow-up review. Would I buy this electric smoker again without hesitation? Without a doubt! The Masterbuilt digital electric smoker is a convenient and effective way to smoke meat and vegetables. Since it's an electric smoker, electricity maintains

The Proper Way to Pull a Butt

The is how to pull a pork butt the proper way. Although it may appear to be simple, there are many things to consider before pulling a butt! First of all, a properly-smoked butt must be available. That butt must have rested for around 30 minutes or so before attempting to pull. There are many

Pork Butt Done Temperature

When is a pork butt done? Within this video, I explain what I personally feel is the perfect pork butt internal temperature. #PorkButt #BBQ #ChefIrixGuy

Best Labor Day Foods to Grill or Smoke

These are some of the best foods to grill or smoke for Labor Day and/or other holidays and get-togethers. Many people try to make things too complicated but these grilled and smoked foods are some of my go-to favorites! Enjoy, share subscribe and check out all of my other cooking videos too! #Grilling #ElectricSmoker #LaborDay

How to Reheat Pulled Pork

This is how to reheat pulled pork. Reheating pulled pork using this method doesn't dry out the pork and it tastes as good as it did when it was first pulled! For moist and flavorful reheated pulled pork, this is the best way to do it. Alternatively, one could utilize a casserole dish and aluminum

Controversial BBQ Technique for Electric Smoker

This video may offend you! This is a highly controversial technique used while barbecuing. What are your thoughts? #ChefIrixGuy #Controversy #BBQ

Why an Electric Smoker is the Best Smoker

I've been smoking barbecue since an oil barrel cut in half was the only option. Technology has advanced and there has been a lot of gimmicky barbecue inventions throughout the years. An electric smoker is not a gimmick. An electric smoker is the best type of smoker on the market today because #1 An electric

Electric Smoker with Unexpected Severe Weather – What Did I Do?

I always take weather into consideration, before starting a smoke. With that said, I encountered a pop-up tornado and severe lightning while smoking a Boston Butt! This is what I did to save MY BUTT and also my Boston Butt! #Tornado #Thunderstorm This is my favorite electric smoker! I've owned several electric smokers but this

Setting Up to Smoke Another Butt

This is how I setup my electric smoker to smoke a Boston Butt! This is my favorite electric smoker! I've owned several electric smokers but this one is in a league of its own! This electric smoker has smoked the best Boston Butts that I've ever eaten! Within this video, I explain in-depth why this

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