Comfast Setup HOW-TO

This is how to setup the Comfast WiFi extender. The initial setup was slightly confusing but the performance has been excellent! I now no longer have WiFi dead spots. Within this video, I explain how I configured the Comfast to extend my WiFi coverage. Available on Amazon.com - AC750 Dual Band WiFi Range Extender, MECO

Boat Winterization HOW-TO – Cosmetic Steps

Always use a licensed mechanic, when winterizing a boat. Within this video, I explain the non-mechanical steps that I perform for winterizing a boat. Performing these steps has helped to keep my boat "looking new," season-to-season. Expect to devote an entire day to cleaning the boat. My recommendation would be to let a licensed mechanic

Chef IrixGuy’s Spare Ribs Pre-Bake Preparation

I marinate and pre-bake my ribs to enhance flavor and tenderness.  Many barbecue purists would frown upon my technique but I feel that is produces the best finished product!  Ribs are an excellent meals for Labor Day and other holidays.  They pair well with baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw, corn and a variety of other

Tips for Organizing a Baby’s Closet

This is how to organize a closet in a baby's room. It would work well for organizing closets in other rooms too! Enjoy and share! Check out my other baby how-to blog posts too! Available on Amazon.com - ClosetMaid 1578 Cubeicals Mini 6-Cube Organizer, White

How to copy all files to new Mac using Migration Assistant

This is how to move all files to a new Mac computer. Are you on the fence about upgrading to a new Mac computer, due to the inconvenience of having to "set everything up again?" Migration Assistant that is built into Mac OS X makes upgrading to a new Mac computer effortless! Be sure to

IrixGuy’s Vlogging Rig

This is the equipment that I use when I vlog and want to keep things lightweight and convenient. My vlogging equipment consists of an iPhone 7 Plus (other iPhone should work too), a high-quality iPhone tripod mount, a tripod that doubles as a sturdy selfie stick and a high-end microphone that does not require batteries.

Zeiss Batis 85mm F2.8 4K Video Test

For this test, I kicked the Zeiss 85mm Batis into manual mode and set the aperture to F2.8.  The Sony G Master is a great zoom lens but I personally believe that are prime lens is still