How to Turn On PS5 Dolby Atmos Audio

This is how to turn on PS5 Dolby Atmos audio. Playstation 5 Dolby Atmos audio is not turned on my default but with compatible Dolby Atmos speakers, it sounds incredible! Be sure that your PS5 is up-to-date with the latest updates because otherwise the Dolby Atmos option for PS5 may not appear. #PS5 #Howto #DolbyAtmos

The Cleanest PS5 Slim Behind-TV Installation

One of the biggest value adds that PS5 Slim brings to the table is the smaller form-factor. Since I own the PS5 Slim and have upgraded its internal storage, I have placed my PS5 Slim behind my TV. No wires are visible and I power it on and off, by using the PS5's controller. Since

Logitech G435 Headset Unboxing

The Logitech G435 is not only a gaming headset. I use the Logitech G435 for editing videos within Final Cut Pro X, watching videos, videos conference calls and more. The design is super comfortable and lightweight. I can wear this bluetooth headset for extended periods of time without my head and/or ears hurting. The integrated

PS5 Controller Button Sticking Fix

This is how to fix a stuck button on a PS5 controller. If the button on a PS5's controller is not working, the controller may not be damaged. Most often debris becomes lodged beside the button and causes it to stick. Within this video, I explain how to fix a stuck button on a PS5

PS5 SSD – Super Affordable & FAST!!!

This is a super affordable and fast SSD for PS5. PS5's internal storage will likely fill up fast and this is an affordable way to add more internal storage to the PS5. Unlike an externally-connected USB hard drive, the PS5 can play games directly from this NVME SSD, so it's a lot more convenient! #PS5

How to Move PS5 Games to SSD

This is how to move games from PS5's internal storage to SSD storage. If your PS5 is out of space, you'll want to consider installing an SSD in your PS5 to add more space for games. You can check out my separate video where I explain how to install an SSD in a PS5. #PS5

How to Upgrade PS5 Storage – PS5 SSD Installation Video

This is how to upgrade Sony Playstation 5 storage. Upgrading PS5's storage is important, if don't want to have to delete and then re-download games, when your PS5's internal storage becomes full. Within this video, I demonstrate how to install a 2TB SSD in PS5 but other sizes of SSDs are available too. Installing an

How to Increase PS5 Storage

This is how to increase PS5's storage. The built-in storage for PS5 is likely only enough for a few games. By utilizing this method, I'm able to have more PS5 storage and don't have to download games from the Internet, after my PS5's internal storage becomes full. I hope that this video helps! Please share

PS5 4K Won’t Work with Vizio TV Fix

This is how to make PS5 work in 4K, with a Vizio TV. When I connected my PS5 to my Vizio TV, 4K was not an option for the PS5. I use a Vizio V405-G9 TV and was able to make PS5 work in 4K, by performing these steps. These same or similar steps may

How to Attach PS5 Base

This is how to attach the base to the PS5. Attaching the base the the Playstation 5 was not a straight-forward process initially but this is how to do it! #PS5 #Howto Available on - PlayStation 5 Console

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