Sonos Beam Soundbar Mount for TV

This is how I mounted the Sonos Beam to my TV. Mounting the Sonos Beam to the TV instead of the wall or placing on a table underneath provide a MAJOR advantage! If you use an articulating TV mount like I do, the Sonos Beam moves with the TV! That provides a huge listening advantage!

How to Control Sonos Beam with Apple TV 4K Remote

This is how to control the Sonos Beam with the Apple TV 4K's remote. Being able to turn the Sonos Beam's volume up and down with the Apple TV 4K's remote is a huge convenience. #SonosBeam #AppleTV4K

Sonos Beam Won’t Work with Vizio TV Fix

This is how to make the Sonos Beam work with a Vizio TV. When I first connected my Sonos Beam to my Vizio TV, it would not work. I tried Sonos Beam to Vizio HDMI ARC and also Sonos Beam to Vizio optical input. Regardless of how I connected the Sonos Beam to the Vizio

Sonos Beam

Sonos Beam comes in white and black colors. I purchased the Sonos Beam because I felt that it was the perfect size for my 40-inch wall-mounted TV. I opted for the white Sonos Beam because it looks cool mounted below my black television. It could also rest on top of a table below a television.

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