The Best Investment Watches

The best investment watch you can buy is a loaded statement. Watches are never investments, even though some wristwatches have historically appreciated in value over time. Some wristwatches like the Rolex Submariner have sold for thousands of dollars more in used condition, than they cost brand new. This is what has attracted a lot of

Wristwatch Education: Authorized Dealer vs. Grey Market Dealer

Wristwatches can be purchased from authorized dealers ("ADs") or grey market dealers. Authorized dealers often provide an international warranty for the wristwatches that they sell and authenticity is confirmed. If a wristwatch is purchased from the grey market, any warranty cards that may be included are likely invalid. However, many grey market dealers may offer

Why Dress Watches Are Less Popular Today

Dress watches are less popular today for a variety of reasons. A dress watch is typically a precious metals timepiece on a leather strap or delicate stainless steel bracelet. Society as a whole has become more casual. There are less times when a suit, dress shirt and tie has to be worn. With that being

What Should Omega Release in 2022?

Omega has been making exception al wristwatches for many years. The Omega SeaMaster and Omega SpeedMaster are arguably their two most popular references. Which watch would you like to see Omega release in 2022? #Omega #TimepiecesForTomorrow #Wristwatches

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Wristwatch Collector vs. Wristwatch Investor

People enjoy wristwatches for multiple reasons. Some people enjoy collecting and wearing wristwatches, some only acquire wristwatches for their future investment potential and others are a combination of both. Thanks to the Internet and social media, values of pre-owned wristwatches can be quickly tracked. This has lead to the birth of "wristwatch investors." People that

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